By Liliana Dias, Managing Partner

ROW - Risks & Opportunities @ Work

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Course description

In this course you'll get deeper insights around emerging risks and opportunities in the workplace. We'll guide you on learning the recent scientific inputs and ground up strategies and approaches to improve organizational health, employee engagement and productivity outcomes in your organisation.

Most of the risks we will be discussing were extremely accelerated in these COVID Times making it imperative for all organizations to be more than ready to ceasing these new opportunities but also to mitigate critical risks.

Bellow you can find the description of the learning goals for each module of this course:

Module 1 - Future of Work or Present Work? In this module you’ll be introduced to critical perspectives concerning present work practices and why in most cases practice is ahead of research. The importance of data gathering and management also concerning the employee experience, health and wellbeing will be stressed and the need to use already available technology not just to improve management practices concerning the external client but also focused on internal processes and employee experiences.

Module 2 - Remote work, yes or not? In this module you’ll be able to build the case considering benefits and and potential problems of remote working for employers and employees. You’ll learn proven specific strategies to minimize some of the risks considered in remote working that inspire positive future practice in your organisation. Module 3 - Changing the office - is that enough? In this module you’ll learn evidence to help assess the real impact of workspace design and environment concerning employee engagement, productivity and health/wellbeing outcomes. You’ll also be able to define individual, team/leader and organizational resources and learn the real impact of these working conditions on the outcomes of your team. Module 4 – Fostering radical collaboration and multiteaming In this module you'll learn the importance of using multiteaming as a critical tool to foster collaboration and to redesign work distribution and organisation, thus generating increased efficiency, ROI of qualified workers and knowledge transfer. Module 5 - Why implementing Pulse Surveys? In this module you’ll learn about the use of pulse surveys in organizational health management and receive practical tips & tricks on how to design & implement them and improve their impact in your organization. Module 6 – Work-Life Integration In this module you’ll explore the concept of work-life integration and explore strategies organisations can use to improve and promote it, making the case for a no separation approach while providing the right and needed skills and competences to managers and individuals. Module 7 - Establishing a real Culture of Health In this last module you’ll learn to define what is a culture of health for organisations and we also share with you our view and manifesto for assessing the value of organizations via health analytics and metrics and by transforming organizational health management from a remediative to a prevention focus for good.

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Course overview - 8

  • Module 1 - Future of Work or Present Work?

  • Module 2 - Remote work, yes or not?

  • Module 3 - Changing the office - is that enough?

  • Module 4 - Fostering radical collaboration and multiteaming

  • Module 5 - Why implementing Pulse Surveys?

  • Module 6 - Work-Life Integration

  • Module 7 - Establishing a real Culture of Health

  • Closing & Health Capital Assessment with us

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Liliana Dias
Liliana DiasManaging Partner
I have a double master in Psychology and Human Resources Management and more than 15 years of experience in the domain of Human Resources Consultancy and Development, and Organisational Health Management for the private, public and non-profit sectors.  My drive is to implement digital tools and solutions that accelerate and upgrade the organizational health management within organisations, whether private, state-owned or third sector. Organizational health is a major driver of productivity, sustainability and growth within the new digital economic paradigm. What do I teach: HR Management and Development, Health Promotion, Stress Management, Critical Incident Management, HR Benefits and EAP/WLB Services, Organisational Health Analytics, Service Design, Program Impact Evaluation, Workplace e-mental health, Integrative Occupational Health Solutions