By Richard Blazevich, Author and Career Development Intructor

Resume Writing and Cover Letters for Beginners

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Are you tired of sending resumes to employers and never hearing back? Or are you writing your very first resume? In this course, you'll learn to write resumes that will get results. You'll see how to use secret weapons to build resumes that employers won't be able to resist.  You'll also discover how to use techniques such as key word stuffing and resume customization to have a competitive advantage in the job market. This course will show you everything you'll need to know about the hiring process, as well as how to write resumes and cover letters that will get you selected for job interviews.  Topics include the following: • How to get through the ATS screening software that most employers use • How to write a resume that will appeal to both computers and humans • How to include the most relevant key words on your resumes • How to craft cover letters so employers will see you as the best choice for the job • How to customize your resumes and cover letters to match each job opportunity You'll receive step-by-step instructions for writing your customized resumes and cover letters, as well as applying for jobs using the most effective online job sites. WHAT LEVEL IS THE MATERIAL COVERED IN THIS COURSE: • Beginner level • For people who have little or no experience writing resumes and cover letters ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Richard Blazevich has published 5 books with tips for job hunting. He teaches job search classes at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Richard has an MBA degree with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Michigan, and he has 20 years of experience recruiting people for marketing jobs at a top-tier consumer products company.

Course overview - 37

  • Intro - Course Overview

  • Intro - My Story

  • The Hiring Process - Overview

  • The Hiring Process - Hammers versus Keys

  • The Hiring Process - Your Secret Weapon

  • Course Material - Job Description Cheat Sheet

  • The Hiring Process - Computer and Human Team

  • Assignment - Create Your Job Description Cheat Sheet

  • Resumes - Overview

  • Resumes - ATS Screening Process

  • Resumes - Key Word Stuffing

  • Resumes - Career Switching Tips

  • Resumes - Format

  • Course Material - Resume Template

  • Resumes - Contact Information Section

  • Resumes - Summary Section

  • Resumes - Tutorial for Relevant Skills

  • Resumes - Experience Section

  • Resumes - Tutorial for Bullet Points

  • Resumes - Education Section

  • Resumes - Additional Information Section

  • Resumes - Proofreading

  • Resumes - Customization

  • Resumes - Dos and Don'ts

  • Assignment - Build Your Resume

  • Cover Letters - Overview

  • Cover Letters - Opening Section

  • Cover Letters - Attention Grabber Section

  • Cover Letters - Passion and Experience Section

  • Cover Letters - Call to Action Section

  • Cover Letters - Dos and Don'ts

  • Assignment - Write a Cover Letter

  • Apply for Jobs - Overview

  • Apply for Jobs - Job Posting Walk-Through

  • Assignment - Apply for a Job

  • Course Wrap-Up

  • Bonus Lesson - Additional Resource

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Richard Blazevich
Richard BlazevichAuthor and Career Development Intructor
Hi. I'm Richard Blazevich. I specializes in teaching university and online classes about job hunting, resume writing, and interview skill building. During my 20-year career at PepsiCo, I led campus recruiting for one of the most successful marketing departments in world. While doing so, I coached hundreds of college students to become successful job candidates. In addition to my experience as a corporate recruiter, I've published 5 books which are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book sellers. Check out my books and online classes to learn how to get the job you want.