Religious Trauma - A survivor's guide

By Katrina Zawawi, Autism/Asperger's & Yoga/Meditation coach.

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This course is for you

Surviving and empowering yourself after Religious Trauma.

Do you live in a country where religion controls society?

Is your family very religious?

Do you have to put an act on to participate in events such as birthdays, weddings, funerals etc?

Are you forced to attend your place of worship?

Do you feel that you have lost connection with your deity for whatever reason?

Do you feel that you are being judged by others around you because you think differently, particularly over religion?

Did you grow up with strict religious values?

Are you questioning your own faith?

Do you feel abandoned by your family, friends, loved ones and your country because your are, for instance LGBTQ, or you are interested in something that the people around you can't accept?

Do you have to pretend that you belong to a certain faith because it's written on your ID?

Do you feel your own values contradict the faith you were raised to be part of?

If all of this and more relates to you, than please note, you don't have to suffer alone.

This course will give you the tools to:

Learn to be ok with who you really are

Learn to work through each traumatic experience, forgiving others and yourself in the process.

Communicate with your family and friends honestly about your life choices.

How to be authentic to who you are without worrying about family, friends and even the government.

Learning the difference between people pleasing for a quiet life, whilst disrespecting your own choices, and respectfully being there for your loved ones within their faith, yet keeping healthy boundaries for yourself.

Being able to put yourself in front of your loved ones whilst you recover.

Finding your own strength and power.

Finding inner truth and wisdom.

Letting go of limiting beliefs that pull you down.

Finding the strength to stand up for what you really believe in, whilst showing love and respecting your loved ones.

Being present and true to yourself, cultivating a strong value system.

Course overview - 13

  • About me

  • What is religious trauma?

  • Family, friends and loved ones

  • Where do I fit in?

  • But I live in a restrictive society

  • I feel guilty for being true to myself

  • Can I still attend events if I am not practicing?

  • I feel trapped

  • Finding your authenticity

  • Learning to love and respect myself, as well as others around me - Detachment

  • Letting go of all you can't control

  • Plan a new way of being

  • Congratulations

Meet your instructor

Katrina Zawawi
Katrina ZawawiAutism/Asperger's & Yoga/Meditation coach.
My name is Katrina. I have lived studied and worked in the UK for 20 years. I used to be a college lecturer, specialised in adult Autism. I am now back on my home territory of Malaysian Borneo, where I run and own a stress management centre, called 'Whole Life Stress Management'. The aim of my centre is to help people gain better health and control over their lives. At my studio I help individuals on a 121 basis get control over their challenges. This could be helping people manage their weight, conquer physical pain, anxiety and depression. I have an MA in adult autism, that relates to anxiety, and I have also derived a course particularly for that in mind. Through experience, I have found most people's problems relate to the stress they endure in this modern world we live in. I have therefore decided to create courses of what I do at my centre, online so that it is opened to the rest of the world to access. My courses concentrate on approaching health, wellness, weight loss and youthfulness as well as conquering one's own authenticity and gaining independence through the art of stress management. It's all about conquering challenging emotions before considering food and lifestyle choices. It's a different approach to mental and physical health that deals with our challenges with kindness, love and patience. My consultations are for: Adult High Functioning Autism - Work/Life Strategies and Stress Management For others: Kundalini Yoga Sessions (As part of the consultation) Meditation Stress Management strategies Healthy Eating for weight loss How to lose weight intuitively I am now in the UK.  I help people heal through chakra clearing Kundalini yoga, particularly if you have suffered from trauma of some sort.