Reiki Ryoho I, II and Mastery

By Karen Prieto, Holistic Therapist

Language: English

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This course contains all modules, including all symbols, the concepts of Original Reiki and at the end of the course, the student will be qualified to be a Reiki therapist. At Level I, we will have the concept of traditional Reiki, we will see the difference between free symbol and egregor symbol, we will study the first symbol, Chokurei and we will also see the flower of life, which represents cosmic DNA. There is also a class to demystify Reiki and get to know its true essence. There is a step-by-step video for applying Reiki to a patient and for self-application. At Level II, we will have the second symbol, the Seiheki, and the third symbol, the Honshazeshonen, and we will also see the basic concepts of Sacred Geometry, working them as free symbols, which, unlike the egregor symbol, do not condition, enslave or steal the therapist’s energy. The student will learn at this level the application at distance and the use of the powerful crystal mandala. In the master's degree, we will see the fourth symbol Daikomyo, and the fifth symbol Raku, as well as learn how to remove chips and implants and limiting programs to liberate us and be whole beings and great therapists.

Course overview - 20

  • Reiki Concept

  • Reiki, vacuum energy

  • Reiki Level I

  • Protection and defense before meditations

  • Protection and defense ritual before meditating

  • Meditation of the activation of the Cardiac System

  • Step by step demonstration of the Reiki Application

  • Quiz

  • Reiki Level II

  • Meditation to Connect with our Cosmic Consciousness

  • Practical application of distance Reiki

  • Practical application with the Crystal Mandala

  • Quiz 2

  • Are holistic therapies pseudosciences?

  • Frequent questions

  • Recapitulation Frequent questions

  • Reiki Mastery

  • Recapitulation Reiki Mastery

  • Violet Laser Meditation to remove implants

  • Final activity of the Mastery

Meet your instructor

Karen Prieto
Karen PrietoHolistic Therapist
I'm a holistic therapist starting my experience since 2008 when I got a spiritual initiation in Fusagasugá - Colombia, a sacred city of Indians named Sutagaos that means Sons of the Sun (same as the god Viracocha - the Sun god for our Peruvian Inca Indian neighbors). I have knowledge in Shamanism, Reiki, Phytotherapy, Acupuncture, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Kabalah, Akashic Records, Numerology, Chromotherapy, and Crystals therapies that I use for healing and I share this magical knowledge through a project I have since 2015 called Alien Meditation. I realized that the ancient gods are the same beings that nowadays we know as aliens. They are our ancestors, and there are positive and negative races to humanity. In my initiation I received the mission to teach my brothers and sisters how to activate their Starseed DNA, through the alien codes that our ancestors gave us, this is the secret for being free from the matrix and get to know our true origin and mission in life.