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By Alex Matei, Software Engineer

React Masterclass - For People Who Want To Work In Big Firms, Or Create Complex Front-Ends.

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Course description

Hi, I am Alex and this is React Masterclass. If you want to write react apps like pros do, like people in big corporations, not just writing code for the sake of writing code, if you want to master react or if you never tried react but want to learn it then you're in the right place. We will structure the app we are going to build as if it's a corporate project with all the tools, practices, and features for building a serious user interface. Why am I so convinced that it's the right place? That's because I will tackle react, and explain it to you in simple ways but I'm not going to give you just everything in a nutshell, no no... we are going to go deep into every aspect of React so after you finish this course you'll have a good understanding of how to build react application that you can apply for a job or an internship, although I would say that an internship will not give you more information compared to what this masterclass has to offer. Also, we will build a relatively small personal website so after you finish you will have a personal website that you can put out there and people can visit. I made this course as complete as I could but I did not overload it with repetitive information but I try to give you everything you need to know in order to build with react as a professionals do. This course is for everyone, If you are experienced at React, you will learn new things for sure, but if you’re new to react, then you have a lot to learn, and here you have everything you need to know, from the fundamentals, the inner workings to how to make a production frontend that has everything. This masterclass has everything you need to know to work as a react engineer in a company. Oh, and by the way, at the end of the course I will tell you how is it to work in a company as a react engineer. Quick note. This masterclass assumes you already know javascript at least at a basic level. The ideal is if you have built a website with HTML, CSS and Javascript before Ok, now, let me show briefly the roadmap ahead. You can look at them like chapters. A chapter may or may not have more than one lesson. We are going to understand react, how does it work so you will have a good foundation before going further. We'll create the environment setup, by that I mean the code editor, I will explain to you everything you need to know about it and we will also install all the fundamental libraries that you need to have in your application. The same libraries that most of the companies use in developing react applications, like Eslint, Husky and Prettier. Then we will create the main project structure with Atomic Design Pattern and we will create the base Scss files that we will need to develop our app further and we'll discuss typescript because this app will not be built with javascript but with typescript. We will create a router for our app so that each page has a route in the browser. We will create the layout base with the navigation to go from one page to another. We will talk about how the web works, the websites, front-end and backend, we'll discuss API's and requests. We will create the first page of the website. The "about me" page. Then we'll create the second page which is Blog. This page will also have an admin view so the admin can edit, delete and create posts. We will create the Contact page, which will collect data from a form and send it to the backend. After all the pages are done we will add to them error catching in case the backend gives errors and we will use loading bars to show when the content hasn't arrived from the backend. Next, we will create user authentification and verification with axios, cookies and react context. We will go over creating two languages for our interface, so you can switch between them. After we have done it all we will deploy our application and we will wrap everything up. Lastly, I will tell you how is it to work in a company as a react engineer so you can have a reference point. So, for those of you who will start the course - good luck and I hope you have the best educational experience.

Related Skills

Course overview - 34

  • Understanding React - Vanilla JS vs React

  • Understanding React - State and Props

  • Understanding React - Nodejs

  • Env Setup & Libraries - Generating the app & Migrating to Typescript

  • Env Setup & Libraries - Adding Dev Libraries

  • Env Setup & Libraries - Folder Structure

  • Dev Setup - Atomic Pattern

  • Dev Setup - SCSS & BEM

  • Dev Setup - .env & GIT

  • Routing the app

  • Layout - Interface

  • Layout - Navigation

  • Layout - Footer & Icons

  • How the Web Works

  • Page 1 - About Me Page

  • Page 1 - About Me Modal

  • Page 2 - Blog Page

  • Page 2 - Axios

  • Page 2 - Twitter API

  • Page 2 - Rendering Data

  • Page 2 - Blog Post

  • Page 3 - Contact Page

  • Additional - Loading Bars

  • Additional - Catching Errors

  • Admin - Authentication Theory

  • Admin - Login Page

  • Admin - Axios-Token Configuration

  • Admin - React Context

  • Admin - Router Generator

  • Admin - Add Post Page

  • Admin - Edit Post Page

  • Last Touches - Individual Work - Switching Languages

  • Last Touches - Building the app

  • Last Touches - React Work Experience

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Alex Matei
Alex MateiSoftware Engineer
I’m a Software Engineer and UX/UI Designer living currently in Chisinau, Moldova. I’ve studied Web Development & Informatics and now I’m studying business at UBB in Cluj-Napoca. I was introduced to computers from an early age and since then it became my passion. Being driven by curiosity, I got into design, programming and others IT areas that sparked my interest. Moreover, there are a lot of things that I am passionate about, such as music, math, meditating, artificial intelligence, books, health & performance optimization ( and frankly optimization of any sort really ), photography, investing and personal development. I think that anything can be achieved with hard work, perseverance, ambition & determination and I strongly believe that, on a personal level, change starts from within.