By Eugene Kutsolabsky, Author of courses, practicing business trainer

Reach the maximum - motivation, planning, time management

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Video course on achieving goals based on NLP techniques, neurobiology, MBA management tools.

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Course overview - 10

  • Acquaintance with the lecturer.

  • Factors and constraints Affecting Development

  • Exercise. Identification of limiting beliefs as an example of their income.

  • Countering criticism and seeking functional solutions.

  • Physiology and neurobiology of motivation. Traps of the subconscious.

  • The formation of values, the causes of laziness and procrastination

  • The power of time management. Six tools for organizing yourself.

  • NLP Technique "Reverse Planning" (Sherlock Holmes deductive method)

  • SMART - the formation of goals and objectives

  • NLP-technique "9 steps of correctly formed result"

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Eugene Kutsolabsky
Eugene KutsolabskyAuthor of courses, practicing business trainer
- Certified NLP master, NLP practitioner with a specialization in Psychology and Communications - Graduate of the MBA International Management Academy - Qualification “Profiling. Integrated mental portraiture " - AXELOS ITIL4 Certificate “Service Management” - Certified lawyer, successful negotiator and leader, experience in HR management for more than 10 years - Specialist in crisis management and conflict management - Creator of the NewCourse Training Center Trainings of personal growth, seminars, online courses, distance learning on the psychology of motivation, efficiency and personality development based on special techniques of NLP, neurobiology of behavior, methods of psychoanalysis and the best copyright developments. Corporate staff training. Resource management skills, constructive dialogue, equanimity, communication psychology, conflict resolution, staff motivation using techniques that are individually adapted to each customer. Personal Coaching Sessions. Personal growth, effective coaching, conflict analysis, accurate personality tests, elaboration of career advancement, difficulties in interacting with people, online psychologist consultation, self-development and life coaching, relationship psychology.