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Protecting Your Stock Positions Made Easy

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You wouldn't jump out of a plane without a parachute,.... would you???  Why do most people jump into the stock market with no protection? When the Stock Market was doing nothing but going Up, everyone looks like a genius.  What happens when the party ends and the Market Drops  20 - 30 Percent?  Many people lose a fortune.  You don't have to! Protecting Your Stock Positions with Options shows how you can protect yourself and limit the Risk.   Every Trader and Investor has different Risk Tolerances and Time Horizons.  This course breaks down the Protective Put Strategy and explains how you can choose different Option Expirations and Strikes to suit your personal needs, account size, and comfort level.   The course demonstrates trade setups and ideas for stocks that are breaking out and stocks that are range bound.  I discuss how dividend stocks can boost your returns, and how Implied Volatility, when setting up the positions, can affect the Edge you have on the trade, and the profit you can make. I have heard people describe Options as confusing, complicated and risky.  When I was young my parents said "Don't touch the Stove".  Then as I grew up and understood how to use it, they said "Make your own dinner, the stove is right there."  What was once risky became a Tool.   It is no different with trading Options.  Once you have the Education and Understanding of How to use Options to Your Advantage, your perception of them will change too! Using Options properly can reduce risk, and give you the Peace of Mind you need to Trade the Current Markets with an Edge! Let's get started!

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Course overview - 14

  • Introduction - Course Description

  • Stock Risk Graph Example - AAPL

  • Why Protect Your Stock Positions?

  • Put Protection Basics

  • Protecting a Winning Trade

  • What's the Catch?

  • How Does Choosing Different Option Expirations Affect Your Protection?

  • How Does Choosing Different Strike Prices Affect Your Protection?

  • Protective Put Example - INTC

  • Protective Put Example - GE

  • Dividend Considerations - Ford Protective Put Example

  • Dividend Considerations - EPD Protective Put Example

  • Implied Volatility Considerations

  • Evaluating Other Stocks

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Steve Liguori
Steve LiguoriInstructor - Course Developer
A Tale of Two Careers…  Steve is a Stock and Options Trader for over 19 years and an Instructor, Coach and Mentor for most of his life. He is the Founder and Options Coach/Mentor at Blue Chip Trader Development and is available to answer your questions as well as provide One-on-One Online Personal Coaching Sessions.    Steve's mission is to assist new and experienced Stock and Options Traders in realizing their own potential.  He focuses on the mental aspect of trading, as well as strategies and skills and has an intuitive way of connecting with students to pinpoint the factors that are preventing them from succeeding.    Steve brings to the table an unprecedented passion for teaching.    Years of Coaching new and experienced Traders has given Steve the understanding of what struggling traders need most; Clear explanations of the Processes that will lead them to the Success they are looking for in their Trading.     Steve is also an ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician for over 35 Years. Back in the Day, He was the “go to” guy for vehicles that no one else could fix, as well as a Shop Foreman and Instructor of fellow technicians.   After 26 years specializing in Diagnosing Electrical and Electronics Systems, Steve made the move to Automotive Instructor and spent the next 10 years at a Technical School in NY. There he received a Recognition Award as Top Instructor.  Steve teaches in a way that lets the students realize “they can do this”, not how hard it is. He is passionate about teaching and takes pride in every light bulb he can turn on.