By Rich Armstrong, Product Designer

Productivity with Purpose: Your Foundation for Success

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We all want to be productive right!? I mean, what’s the alternative? So we learn all about the productivity systems, we geek out on productivity tips & tricks, and download all the right apps and tools. But after a few weeks, or maybe even days, we end up at the same unproductive place. Procrastinating, burned out, overwhelmed, or jumping from thing to thing to thing without finishing anything. And that’s because we don’t have a foundation. We don’t truly know why we want to be productive in the first place. The best productivity advice doesn’t work for long unless what you’re doing is linked to a purpose you care deeply about. If you don’t know where you’re heading and why you’re heading there, you have no good way of knowing what to spend your time on. Knowing this is the foundation of productivity and success. And that’s what this class covers: helping you figure out what to spend your time doing. The class kicks off with 2 exercises that help you figure out where you want to be in 5 years time and, most importantly, why you want to get there. But knowing these things, without any way of achieving them, would simply look like a head full of dreams. So, to help you achieve what you want, the class includes 3 productivity exercises. You’ll define your next steps, uncover what sharpens you, and by the end the class you’ll have a timetable—so you know what to work on and when to work on it. After the class you’ll be better equipped to deal with overwhelm, indecision, FOMO, distractions, procrastination, binge working, and other similar productivity ailments. This class helps you gain clarity on what to spend your time on, and gives you methods of making the time, and having the energy, to work on them.

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  • Class Worksheet

  • Your 5 Year Title

  • Your Why

  • Your Next Steps

  • Your Axe Sharpeners

  • Your Timetable

  • The Conclusion

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Rich Armstrong
Rich ArmstrongProduct Designer
Rich Armstrong is a Product Designer living in Amsterdam. He’s freelanced, worked in digital agencies and startups, run his own his own Product Design studio, and now heads up TapTapKaboom full-time where he teaches thousands of students online. He’s a compulsive creator, a creativity geek, and a big dreamer. He’s been designing, illustrating, animating, and coding since 2007. And he wants to see you succeed bigtime. Also, he can touch his nose with his tongue.