PRO LYRIC WRITING! No nonsense guide to songwriting success

By Mike Battle, Freelance Songwriter and Film Professional

Language: English

This course is for you

Wanting to improve your lyric and song writing but struggling to find any real examples to help? This is the course for you.

My name is Mike and I have played my music to thousands of people all over the world including London's most exclusive and famous venues frequented by Ed Sheeran and Jimi Hendrix. In addition to this I have written and songs to hundreds of clients online.

In this course, I will teach you everything I know about how to craft song lyrics.

Why is this course labelled 'no nonsense'? - So many lyric writing courses give fluffy advice like 'believe in yourself and the lyrics will come' or 'listen to your heart' which I frankly think is a waste of students money. While these comments have a place, beginners need ACTIONABLE steps they can use with real-world examples. In this course, we throw out the fluff for action and DO IT.

Why should I listen to you? - I have song hundreds of songs to clients all over the world. Every week I have to flex my lyric writing muscles and this course teaches you the blueprint I use for my own well-reviewed songs.

What's the structure of the course? Throughout our time together I will take you through the basics of great lyric writing in Act One, through more in depth analysis and REAL EXAMPLES in Act Two and finally write a song from scratch uses what we have learnt in Act Three.

By the end of the course you will have the necessary toolkit to TRANSFORM your lyric writing potential! Whether you are a singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, Garageband/Logic producer or just interested in music composition, this will help your lyric and hook creation.

What are other people saying about the course?

'This course is perfect for me. I have been writing poetry for years and have always wanted to turn my poems into lyrics and then into songs. I had started doing that before this course and now I know how to restructure my writing for music and it is making all the difference' - Vito R DeLuca

'An incredible resource. Wonderful explained thoroughly and excellent insight and knowledge. Amazing for any songwriter' - David Holloway

'Clear and concise, whilst also easing to listen to. Great Guy' - Matt Clavey

'So far everything is well explained, the order of each step is absolutely on point and the course is perfectly structured. The fact that the videos are more or less short is also a great advantage for me as I don’t have the time to watch an hour long video in one go (and I’d hate to do it in several). Simple tips that we might not think about and great tips for sure. I also enjoy the references used in this course as it helps to illustrate each point even more. This course is, in my opinion, a little diamond' - Megane Choisel

If you are are a poet moving to lyric writing, a beginner song writer or instrumentalist wanting to learn, enrol now. I can't wait to see how far you come!

Course overview - 32

  • The Course Framework

  • The Three Types of Lyric Writing

  • What Connects With an Audience

  • Who Are You Writing For?

  • What Shall I Write About!?

  • Writing Your Reality

  • Lyrics or Music First? Part 1

  • Lyrics or Music? Part 2: An Example

  • To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme - Part 1

  • To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme - Part 2

  • Rhyme Schemes

  • Song Surgery - Dissecting a Lyric and Improving its Poetry Piece by Piece

  • The Importance Of Structure

  • How Lyrics Affect Tone and Genre

  • My Lyrics are Too Simple and Literal...HELP!!!!

  • How Long Should a Lyric Be?

  • A Lyric From Scratch Part 1 - Intro

  • A Lyric From Scratch Part 2 - First Ideas

  • A Lyric From Scratch Part 3 - Chorus

  • A Lyric From Scratch Part 4 - Verse Continued

  • A Lyric From Scratch Part 5 - Verse Continued..again!

  • A Lyric From Scratch Part 6 - Pre Chorus Attempt Turned into a Bridge!

  • A Lyric From Scratch Part 7 - Pre Chorus Writing

  • A Lyric From Scratch Part 8 - Later Verse Writing

  • A Lyric From Scratch Part 9 - Final Checks

  • A Lyric From Scratch Part 10 - THE SONG!!!

  • Where to Find Inspiration in A Writers Rut!

  • You will be your HARSHEST Critic

  • Backing Lyrics

  • How Accents Affect Lyric Writing

  • Helpful Websites to Check Out

  • Final Summary - Goodbye and Thank You!

Meet your instructor

Mike Mike
Mike BattleFreelance Songwriter and Film Professional
Hi there, my name is Mike and I am an experienced professional musician based in London, England. Over the last 15 years I have played to thousands of people and written songs for people all around the world. I'd love you to join me on my course. I also am a professional in the Film Industry working on Hollywood movies like Terminator: Dark Fate, Mary Poppins Returns and Fantastic Beasts. If you're into learning about writing for movies and more - check out my profile!