Portrait sketching easy. Full face and profile view

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Portrait sketching easy. Full face and profile view

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Drawing a portrait is considered a complex task. In a classical way, you first need to study anatomy, structure, shading techniques, the basics of perspective. And only then you can start drawing the head. But in fact we don't need anatomy and perspective for sketching in two main positions, they are simple enough.
Our classes generally will be focused on studying the main proportions of the human head and the specific features responsible for portrait similarity.
What you'll get at the end of the course? You'll be able to draw recognizable portraits in two main positions: full face and profile view. I invite you to join and try out Portrait Sketching Easy!

Course Overview

  • 1. Sketching tools and some hints

  • 2. Human head proportions, front view

  • 3. Human head proportions, side view

  • 4. Eyes and eyebrows. Basics and individual features

  • 5. Nose. Basics and individual features

  • 6. Mouth and lips. Basic shape and individual features

  • 7. Ears. Difficult or easy?

  • 8. Head shape. Mini- and micro-portraits

  • 9. Using visual measuring for proportions

  • 10. Portrait in full face

  • 11. Portrait in profile