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By Rabii Mhamdi, Digital Artist & Online instructor

Photoshop For Compositing: How To Match Subject With any Background

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Course description

Learn how to match a subject with any background like a pro This course is for photographers or anyone who wants to learn compositing, who struggles to replace a subject from a photo or adding it to another background and can’t get it to look realistic, and this course will show you exactly how to do that

and by the end of it you will be able to composite and match your subject with any background and make it look realistic every time

Related Skills

Course overview - 10

  • Download Project Files

  • Choosing The Right Images

  • Extracting The Subject From The Background

  • Matching Luminosity

  • Matching Color

  • Enhancing The Subject

  • Creating The Depth Of Field Effect

  • Adding Smoke To The Wheel

  • Adding The Lighting Effects

  • Color Grading & Sharpening

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Rabii Mhamdi
Rabii MhamdiDigital Artist & Online instructor
Rabii Mhamdi is a digital artist with good experience in photoshop and design, he has been teaching photoshop on online learning platforms