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Photoshop Basics Series Class 3: Photo Editing Workflows in Photoshop

By Dan LeFebvre, Digital Artist

Language: English
Photoshop Basics Series Class 3: Photo Editing Workflows in Photoshop

This course is for you

In the first two classes of this series we learned some of the basics of working in Photoshop. We’ll take all that knowledge and expand on it in this class as we focus on the skills and tools that let us do what Photoshop is perhaps best-known for: Photo editing.

We’ll start by learning about the numerous ways we can select portions of our image to edit. From there, we’ll learn how to distort, transform, manipulate and warp our images. We’ll wrap up this class by covering powerful photo retouching and editing tools like the healing brush, clone stamp tool, some of the automated content-aware tools and plenty more.

By the end of this class, you’ll have the skill set you need to start taking your photos and images to the next level thanks to Photoshop’s powerful tools. This is really when Photoshop starts to become a new tool in your tool belt.

Now, almost every project in Photoshop can be broken down to a simple workflow—and in our next video we’ll take a couple moments to first get familiar with what that workflow is before we start learning the tools themselves to get it done.

Course overview - 26

  • Class introduction

  • Selection workflows in Photoshop

  • Marquee selections

  • Using lasso tools

  • Magic wand tools

  • Quick selection tool

  • Quick mask mode

  • Mini project: Selection tips and tricks

  • Select subject & select and mask

  • Saving and loading selections

  • Free transform

  • Distorting transformations

  • Using the crop tool

  • Straightening images

  • Content-aware scale

  • Puppet warp

  • Perspective warp tool

  • Customizing the brush tool

  • Clone stamp tool

  • Healing brush

  • Mini project: Removing unwanted items

  • Spot healing brush

  • Patch tool

  • Content-aware fill

  • Content-aware move

  • Bonus: Getting the project files for this class

Meet your instructor

Dan LeFebvre
Dan LeFebvreDigital Artist
For almost two decades, Dan has been fortunate to have a wide range of experiences throughout his career. His career has spanned experience as a web developer to motion designer to 3D artist with a focus on fluid dynamics and VFX to building a production system for a multi-million dollar online tutorial e-learning company to leading a content marketing team with millions of readers to creating an award-winning podcast. Along the way, Dan’s teaching background coupled with his unique set of experiences gives you the opportunity to learn a broad range of topics that’ll help you be more efficient in your own projects.