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Photoshop Basics Series Class 2: Fundamentals of Photoshop

Language: English
Photoshop Basics Series Class 2: Fundamentals of Photoshop

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1 hour 15 minutes

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2 minutes

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In this class we’ll build on what we learned in the first class of the Photoshop Basics Series as we start to learn the core fundamentals of how Photoshop works.
We’ll start by learning about all the great utilities Photoshop has that will let us work faster and more effectively—things like grids, guides, alignment tools and actions. Then we’ll continue covering the key features in Photoshop as we learn how to work with layers, layer masks, blend modes, Smart Objects and so much more.
Throughout it all we'll learn production-proven tips & tricks as we focus on more than just how to do things and learn the why behind Photoshop's workflows.
After watching this class you’ll be armed with the skills you need to start working in Photoshop right away.

Course Overview

  • 1. Class introduction

  • 2. Rulers and guides

  • 3. Mini project: Using guides in a panorama

  • 4. Grids and snapping

  • 5. Alignment tools

  • 6. Mini project: Using auto-align to create a panorama

  • 7. Copying and pasting

  • 8. Undo, redo and the history panel

  • 9. Using the history brush

  • 10. Basics of the paint brush

  • 11. Working with actions

  • 12. Canvas size vs image size

  • 13. Understanding the concept of layers

  • 14. Creating, duplicating and deleting layers

  • 15. Understanding the concept of layer masks

  • 16. Creating, duplicating and deleting masks

  • 17. Clipping paths

  • 18. Mini project: Painting layer masks tips and tricks

  • 19. The background layer

  • 20. Working with locked layers

  • 21. Layer opacity vs layer fill

  • 22. Organizing layers

  • 23. Understanding blend modes

  • 24. Merging layers

  • 25. Layer styles overview

  • 26. Understanding the concept of smart objects

  • 27. Creating and editing smart objects

  • 28. Opening images as smart objects

  • 29. Bonus: Getting the project files for this class