By Cal Hyslop, University Instructor, MBA

Personal Finance for 18 to 26-Year-Olds: Money Management, Investing, and Productivity

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Begin Building a Better Financial Future Through Financial Management, Budgeting, Saving, and Investing!

This course will introduce what money management is and why it is so important that you have control of your finances so that your finances do not control you. You will also gain a better understanding of how to create and maintain a budget, the best saving options, and how to harness the power of compound interest to get your money to make money.

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  • Welcome to Personal Finance for 18 to 26-Year-Olds

  • Why Master Your Finances

  • The Art of Budgeting

  • Savings Strategy

  • Investment Eye-Opener

  • Let's Wrap It Up

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Cal Hyslop
Cal HyslopUniversity Instructor, MBA
William "Cal" Hyslop believes that everyone should have the ability to design the future that they want and that the world should be better tomorrow than it is today! And making a difference in students’ lives makes a difference in tomorrow. Cal is a veteran instructor at Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea's second-ranked university, since 2007, and is taking some of the best elements of his unique and popular Practical Leadership course and opening them up to everyone. Cal has also earned his MBA from the United States, has coached business executives, and dedicates his time to creating content aimed at providing post-millennials with the information and skills needed for a more successful career and a happier life.