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Personal Development Masterclass Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs

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Personal Development Masterclass Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs

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Self-limiting beliefs are belief systems that we hold inside our mind tightly. These beliefs are usually limiting, negative and hindering our growth. We adopt these self-limiting beliefs as a child and it’s hard to control/eliminate them. But we have to do that if we want to manifest our deepest desires.

These beliefs could appear in many forms, such as:

I can’t…(example: I can’t talk to strangers calmly, I have social anxiety!).

I must not…(example: I must not wear clothes that are fun for me, people will look at me like I’m a freak).

I don’t have…(example: I don’t have enough time to start working on my dreams now!).

Other people…(example: Girls hate me, that’s just what they do. Maybe because I’m awkward).


The sad thing is, when you look at these beliefs closely, none of them are actually true.

Everything is the result of your past and you just didn’t acknowledge it. Holding these beliefs is not a good decision because it will limit you and your interactions in general.

If you really want to manifest your deepest desires, you have to challenge these limiting beliefs that hinder yourself from your growth. Because in order to really cultivate the life we really want, we have to start clean and do whatever we can to make sure it will all come true (Hey, you can’t be a famous singer if you think you have stage fright!).
How To Overcome Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

There are steps that you can take to overcome your limiting beliefs and start clean with full empowerment. These steps will help you eliminate all of your previous limiting beliefs and help you tackle life with new confidence and understanding.
1. Acknowledge Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

The first step is to be totally honest with yourself. What limiting beliefs do you think you have? Take a piece of paper and write down the self-limiting beliefs that you know are hindering your personal growth. These beliefs could include anything from fear, excuses, experience, etc.

For example:

I can’t talk in front of large audiences.

I can’t smile/interact with strangers.

I can’t open my heart and really love someone.

2. Find The Core Reasons For Those Beliefs

After you list all of those self-limiting beliefs that you have, try to understand the reasons for why you have those beliefs. These reasons could be various, but usually, it’s because of your childhood experience/societal programming.

For example:

I can’t open my heart and really love someone because I’ve been deeply hurt in the past.

I can’t talk in front of large audiences because those audiences are judging me and my every move.

I can’t smile/interact with strangers because it’s creepy. My parents told me so.
3. Understand That Those Beliefs Are Simply Not True

If we take a look at the examples above, we will find out that most of those beliefs are unjustified. Usually, these beliefs appear because you have one (or more) bad experience regarding these beliefs, and automatically your brain shuts down to the possibility of you doing it. But this can be changed simply by shifting our mindset to the more empowering one. Understand that many of these beliefs are not true, and the foundation of these beliefs are very subjective.
4. Arm Yourself With New, Empowering Beliefs

The next step to take after acknowledging that those beliefs you held are simply not true, is to form new beliefs. Use this time of epiphany to form new beliefs that serve you. Choose your new beliefs carefully, because these new beliefs will manifest into your life.

After changing all of those limiting beliefs with new, empowering, and positive ones, start acting as if. Start acting like you are the new person that has all of these positive beliefs inside of them. It might be hard to change (It might take weeks or months), but with proper dedication, you will get there.

Let’s take an example:

For your previous self-limiting beliefs “I can’t speak in front of large audiences”, change them to “I am comfortable speaking in front of large audiences & I have an excellent public speaking ability”. After doing this, proactively act as if you are comfortable speaking in front of large audiences. You could do this after you learn many tips on being an excellent public speaker, join a public speaking community, and seek challenges to prove your new-found beliefs.
5. Gather Evidence While Challenging Your New Found Beliefs

After doing all of above steps, the next thing you can do is seek evidence of your new-found beliefs. You will find that the more you spend time believing and acting like ‘the new you’, the more it becomes true in your reality.

You can finally say; Goodbye self-limiting beliefs! Now you are empowered and ready to take the next steps towards manifesting your deepest desire & living the life of your dreams!

Course Overview

  • 1. What's Your Self Image and How it Affects Your Self Esteem

  • 2. The Meaning of Self-Image

  • 3. Accepting Yourself for Who You Are

  • 4. Ways to Change Your Self Image

  • 5. How Your Self Image Affects You Emotionally

  • 6. How Your Identity and Self Esteem are Linked Identity and Self Esteem

  • 7. What Roadblocks Do You Put in Your Way?

  • 8. Comparing Yourself to Others As a Roadblock

  • 9. Using Self Talk As a Roadblock

  • 10. Using Fear As a Roadblock

  • 11. Having Self Limiting Beliefs

  • 12. Causes for Low Self Esteem

  • 13. 10 Sources of Low Self-Esteem

  • 14. How Bullying Can Affect Your Self Esteem

  • 15. How Your Parents Can Affect Your Self Esteem

  • 16. How Trauma Can Affect Your Self Esteem?

  • 17. How Society and the Media Can Affect Your Self Esteem

  • 18. Using Psychology/Self Help to Form Empowering Beliefs

  • 19. 4 Simple Techniques to Erase Subconscious Negativity

  • 20. Transactional Analysis – (The Masks We Wear)

  • 21. Daily Affirmations for Positive Thinking

  • 22. 4 Steps to Release “Limiting Beliefs” Learned From Childhood

  • 23. Learn to Understand Your Potential

  • 24. Changing Your Mindset to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

  • 25. 3 Proven Mindset Hacks for Easily Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • 26. 7 Practical Tips to Achieve a Positive Mindset

  • 27. 3 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Attitude

  • 28. 8 Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Mindset for Success

  • 29. 12 Ways to Shift Your Mindset and Embrace Change

  • 30. Believe in yourself

  • 31. Think About Your Past Successes

  • 32. Learn to Trust Yourself

  • 33. Let Yourself Off the Hook

  • 34. 10 Creative Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude -- No Matter What

  • 35. Let a Life Coach Help You

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