Paint Cherry Blossom Flowers in Watercolor

By Yana Shvets, Watercolor Artist and Teacher

Language: English [CC: English]

This course is for you

This is a course for Intermediate level students. But if you are a beginner and love challenges this class will be very interesting for you, no doubts! So please feel free to jump into it ;)

In my Cherry Blossom class you will paint wonderful gentle flowers step by step following my guidance.

The course is recorded live, so you see the whole process without speeding up anything.

Before we start painting together, I will discuss:

- Most important watercolor features: transparency, opacity, density etc. You will learn how to achieve light and dark tones, what is the difference between density and tone, how to create tone that you need.

- Color scheme for this artwork. We will figure out what palette to use to achieve smooth color-transitions and balanced color scheme.

- How to sketch properly so that the pencil doesn't stay on your way when you start to paint in watercolor

When we start painting I will explain every move I make and every color I choose. You can observe the process, see how I do it and ask me questions on the way!

You will learn how to create smooth washes, delicate color intermixes, and gentle flowers. Besides that you will learn how to paint each petal without outlining it. This all will help you create a realistic artwork!

Course overview - 7

  • Tools overview

  • Work on a sketch

  • Dive into watercolor basics

  • Petals in theory

  • First layers

  • Building up depth

  • Final touch

Reviews | 4.8