Paint a Cute Fox in Snowfall Step by Step

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Paint a Cute Fox in Snowfall Step by Step

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This is an intermediate class where you will follow the process of painting a lovely foxy in aquarelle. It's a real-time record, you can paint along and won't miss anything! 
This class consists of theoretical & practical parts.
Theoretical: you will learn how to create a perfect grey color. How to find a balance mixing grey. How to create muted grey. And finally how to create volumes using gray, how to paint white snow.
Practical: apply that knowledge on paper with me! Practice creating perfect grays and use this skill to paint realistic snow! And of course paint a lovely fox together.
- How to create a proper composition and sketch a fox in pencil
- How to paint a realistic night sky
- Recreating a feeling of a snowfall, secrets & tips to bring Winter in you artwork
- How to paint a fluffy fox covered with snow
- How to create volume using grey colors and muted colors
- How to paint white snow that looks realistic
- How to create a perfect grey color yourself
and much more...
This class if perfect for:
- those who already have some experience painting in watercolor
- those who like challenges & want to expand horizons
- those who want to learn a specific skill: how to paint realistic snowfall
Take you time and enjoy the process!

Course Overview

  • 1. Art materials review

  • 2. Pencil sketch

  • 3. Theory in action: creating your own gray

  • 4. First wash

  • 5. Mastering layering

  • 6. Snowflakes and other cute details

  • 7. Finalizing your fox!

Yana Shvets
Created by

Yana Shvets

I am a professional watercolor artist, full-time traveler and salsa dancer. I travel the world non-stop since 2015, visited more than 20 countries and lived in more than 7 countries.  Every country is a source of inspiration for my art and also a great opportunity to organize watercolor workshops around the world. I am constantly learning & improving my level, also regularly take workshops from inspiring artists worldwide.  My watercolor style is realistic but I do love experimenting with materials and styles. Style of teaching: Foundations of watercolor is very important. I don't like "play with paints and see what's up" because it leads nowhere. I love to work with people who want to actually understand watercolor as medium and it works, learn the basics, grow and improve the skill. I always provide a strong theory with practical tasks also keeping it easy, slow and fun. I mean, it is still art ;)  Apart from online courses I am happy to offer private consulting on watercolor skills. From my experience 3 hours of one-on-one class give much stronger foundation in watercolor than any group-class-course and allows a person to move forward by him/herself. Private classes are tailored exclusively for your level, your needs, wants and expectations. That's why together we can achieve the best result in much shorter time ;)  During that time I:  - Was group-exhibited in Vietnam  - Won international watercolor competition  - Teach watercolor group classes and private master classes around the world  - Was regularly organizing Art & Coffee events for artists in Chiang Mai, Thailand  - Was hosting weekly watercolor workshops in Thailand during a year  - Developed and hosted Crash Course (watercolor month-long intensive course) in Thailand  - Sell artworks (commercial, private commissions) and prints I am also a founder of YanaTravelArt (personal brand), co-founder of Learn Watercolors Academy (online educational platform for watercolor enthusiasts) and Watercolor Travelers (blog about everything watercolor).
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Learn with the best. Get access to all existing and future courses and articles created by this instructor.