Paint a Cute Cat in Watercolor Step by Step

By Yana Shvets, Watercolor Artist and Teacher

Language: English [CC: English]

This course is for you

Do you love pets? In this course you will learn basic watercolor techniques while painting a cute cat!

Here you will feel comfortable with each step you make because each step is explained and demonstrated. Here you will know what you will get in the end! It is not a fantasy "do whatever & play" class, it is an actionable course where you will learn actual watercolor techniques and create realistic painting.

This class expects people of Intermediate level to participate, but it is great for all levels since I explain every step I take, demonstrate the process and introduce all basic techniques. No matter your level, you will have all tools needed to paint this adorable ginger cat with me!


- Detailed explanation of all art supplies I've used in this course + useful suggestions and alternatives

- Carefully planed-out preparation for the class

- Demonstration of sketching process

- Explanation of all colors used in the class + Each paint I used is mentioned & written down

- Break down of the color scheme for the painting

- Step by step demonstration of the painting process with explanation of each move. Cat portrait is broken down into blocks: first layers, second layers, eyes/nose/mouth, body, background, details.


- How to sketch a portrait of a cat on your chosen paper format

- How to prepare the color scheme for your particular artwork

- Rules of color mixing: primary & complementary colors, tones & density

- How to use wet-on-wet technique on cellulose paper

- How to use layering technique

- How to fix mistakes and accidents on time

- How to paint realistic eyes: tones, shadows, highlights

- How to recreate fluffy effect of cat's fur

This class will lead you through the whole process of painting a realistic cat from scratch to a final result in real-time. No speeding up the video, no covering up mistakes - you will see the all of it!

Here you will combine different watercolor techniques: layering, wet-on-wet, dry-on-dry, loose style and great detailing.

Course overview - 9

  • Art Supplies

  • Color scheme

  • Sketch a cat

  • First layer

  • Second layers

  • Detailing: eyes, nose, mouth

  • Making your work stand out

  • Painting a body

  • Finalizing this painting

Reviews | 5.0