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Open Source ERP System - ERP for FREE

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Open Source ERP System - ERP for FREE

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This course covers Enterprise Resource Planning systems that are available as Open Source Software.  After going over the high points of what and ERP system is, you will see an overview of the Open Source Software movement.  You’ll then see a review of the ERP systems available in Open Source and why I chose the one I did.
You’ll then be guided through the download and installation of the Dolibarr ERP system on a Windows PC.  There is a very similar process for using a Mac, but the course shows screencasts of the Windows installation.  After the software is installed you will learn to pick the modules, install users, create products and sell them.
You’ve come to the right place if you are looking to expand your knowledge of business software without having to invest years in school to make that happen!
You’ve also come to the right place if you want to be a project manager or business analyst regardless of what industry interests you because, what you learn here is transferable to anything you would like to do!
·        Understand what an ERP system could do for a small business
·        Review the Open Source Software field and see how easy it is to download and install
·        See how your business might be improved by incorporating a comprehensive integrated system
ERP systems grew along with the development of the computer.  As computers became more powerful and they could handle more data faster, integration of the various business processes like purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing and employee services became possible.  As we review ERP, I’m sure you will be able to relate to the different functions from your work experience.  
You will be exposed to the Open Source Software movement which requires that software in this genre be distributed free.  Not only that but the source code is also distributed free and can be modified or enhanced and redistributed.  Developers are reimbursed by creating add-on software plug ins, providing servers for the software to run on or integrating Open Source Software with other systems.
You won’t have to be a programmer or understand any code to benefit from this course.  The installation you will do is almost a one-click process.  Yet you will understand the system architecture at a high level.  I’ll use screencasts to walk you through the download, installation and the tailoring of the Dolibarr ERP system including simple bulk uploading of your products.
At the completion of the course you will understand how you can find Open  Source Software in the future and take full advantage of it, and you’ll also have a working ERP system to use in a business.

Course Overview

  • 1. Introduction to the course

  • 2. ERP Definition

  • 3. What is Open Source Software?

  • 4. Covering the Open Source ERP Field

  • 5. Dolibarr ERP

  • 6. Installing Doliwamp

  • 7. Installing Dolibarr ERP CRM

  • 8. Adding Modules

  • 9. Setting up the Warehouse

  • 10. Establishing ERP Users and Groups

  • 11. Dolibarr Product Types

  • 12. Uploading Products in Bulk

  • 13. Fixing Errors

  • 14. Setting Up Suppliers

  • 15. Buying Stock

  • 16. Processing a Sale

  • 17. Summing Up