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By Tricia Belmonte, Internet Marketing Professional & Business Owner

Online Course Creation: Marketing Hacks To Build & Sell An Online Course (Part 1)

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Course description

Monetize Your Knowledge & Up Your Online Authority With Your Very Own Online Course!

What you’ll learn:

• How to use marketing strategies to build a superior course and set it up for the highest potential of success

• Effective marketing techniques used by the highest selling course instructors

• Ninja secret tricks only top marketing professionals use

• How to use FREE online tools to start building a following and get set up for future sales

• Systems to attract and connect and build a large student audience as quickly as possible

• Steps to setting yourself up as an authority in your niche


• At the beginning stages or have already started building an online course

• Basic or above understanding of social media

• No prior marketing knowledge is required!

• A website or committed plan to building a website or landing page


Want to learn powerful marketing secrets that will almost guarantee the success of your future course?

Want to sell your course as soon at you launch it?

Would you like easy to follow steps and actions that will get you results?

If so, I have made this course especially for you. Warning: don’t get fooled by how simple and easy some of the steps are to take! Marketing is not about how hard something is – it’s all about knowing which steps to take and taking them. To spice this course up, I also added a few unique tips and steps that your competition very likely isn’t using!

Since you are creating an online course, you are well aware of the hours of work and sweat (possibly tears) it takes! You are creating something you are passionate about and adding your knowledge, heart and soul into creating the masterpiece. BUT building an online course is not one of those things where you build it and they will come. Crossing your fingers and toes, wishing on a star or rubbing your lucky rabbit foot won’t work either. If no one knows about your course, no matter how amazing it is, it won’t get sales. To get your course to sell, you need to do some work. Lucky for you, the work doesn’t need to be difficult and lucky for you, there are many things you can do ahead of time that will help with your online course success!

This is our FIRST course on online course marketing, as it covers what to do before your course is completed – the foundation for all your future marketing. Our SECOND course goes deeper into marketing strategies your can take AFTER your course is developed. I already have 100 marketing tips written out for it! Obviously, I won’t be able to include them all, but promise to include the best ones. Best of all, for all students of this course, I will give you a coupon to Part 2 as soon as it’s released. You will be the first to know!

Together in this course, we’ll cover market and keyword research, how to build your customer avatar, how to build your own marketing roadmap and much, much more.

Top Reasons to Take THIS COURSE right away:

  • Get top marketing secrets to gaining more course traffic, sales and enrollments
  • Learn how to use free online tools to your advantage and to help your course become a best selling course in your niche
  • Begin marketing your course and gaining interest in it, even before your course is developed
  • Use super fun ways to play detective and ethically spy on your competitors (can you say “muh ha ha ha.”)

Watch & Do Approach

Each step was designed with beginners in mind. Learn step by step with easy to follow instructions. I hold nothing back so listen for hidden gems of wisdom I slip in. I haven’t seen another course like this – one that focuses on actual ninja marketing tricks that sets you up for online course traffic success. I have over 20 years of marketing experience. I’m not another Udemy instructor teaching what to do technology wise when building your course (but you should look at those as well!) – I am teaching you best marketing practices and strategies from my over 20 years of practical marketing experience and knowing steps that get results and maximize chances of success!

This Course Is For You If Any Of These Apply:

  • You’re on a budget or only have a small following
  • You’re new to course development and unsure what to do to get sales • You’re new to marketing and looking for easy to implement marketing strategies to get traffic to your course
  • You are looking for unique strategies that your competitors are likely not using

You’ll Also Get:

  • Lifetime Access to updates on the course (and absolutely, I have a few more things I will add in – anything that will increase your chances of success my friends!)
  • Answers to any questions that you post (must be related to the course)
  • Future promo coupon to my Part 2 course

Enroll With Confidence:

  • Money back guarantee! If you are not happy with this course for any reason, you are protected by a full money back guarantee! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and sign up now!

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  • What Do People Want To Learn & What Will They Pay For?

  • Pulling Content Ideas From Amazon

  • Keyword Research - Let’s Start With Google

  • Semantic Keywords

  • Questions People Are Asking

  • Traffic Tracking

  • Traffic Tracking (Part 2)

  • Competition "Spying" (Part 1)

  • Competition “Spying” (Part 2)

  • Competition "Spying" (Part 3)

  • Competition “Spying” (Part 4)

  • Creating Your Target Audience

  • Building Course Anticipation, Hype & Curiosity

  • Facebook Messenger Bots

  • Authority Building

  • Wrap Up &Thank You

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Tricia Belmonte
Tricia BelmonteInternet Marketing Professional & Business Owner
I am an Internet marketing specialist with over 20 years of marketing, senior management and business development experience. My passion is helping motivated business owners, coaches, authors, speakers, etc. become authority figures online. My specialties include search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook advertising, content creation, funnels, websites and more. I also specialize in online and in person training and consulting to help professionals upsurge their online results.  Slogan: Empowering businesses to play bigger online  Developed courses: Search Engine Optimization, Facebook advertising, Google My Business, How To Market Out Online Courses  Upcoming Courses: How to develop website content  Consultation: Get clear on what you need to do to build your business online.