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By Warren Marshall, Professional Photographer

Off-Camera Flash: The definitive guide to creative lighting for digital photographers

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Many photographers are afraid of their flash. Available light is great if you know how how to use it properly but it can limit your creative possibilities immensely. Learning to use flash properly will enhance your images like you wouldn’t believe. Learning off-camera flash will lift you to a new level entirely. In this course you will learn how to use Off-Camera Flash effectively in outdoor and indoor locations. We will teach you the two most important rules of Flash photography. You will see many videos of actual photo shoots where I have used off-camera flash in different ways. This is a very comprehensive course about Off Camera Flash. I’m sure you will love it. Why use flash? Because it opens up so many possibilities for creative lighting. You will always have a creative, controllable light source in your bag. You can use it to enhance the available light. You can use it as your main light source. You can use it to freeze action. Off camera flash shows shape, texture, is more interesting, and emphasizes the highlights and shadows in your subject. It is versatile, allows you to separate the subject from the background and makes many more advanced techniques possible. We will show you the different types of flashes and triggers. The use of light stands, and the options for controlling your flash. We will explain the basics of lighting theory, and the two most important flash rules. We will also explain the use of flash modifiers and accessories.

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Course overview - 21

  • Why Use Off-Camera Flash?

  • This is All You Need

  • Lighting Tips

  • The Two Most Important Flash Rules

  • Recap and Example Images

  • A Few Words about these Live Shoots

  • Indi shoot 1

  • Indi Shoot 2

  • Indi Shoot 3

  • Indi Shoot 4

  • Indi Shoot 5

  • Model Shoot with Maxcine at Sunset

  • Racquel at the Abandoned House

  • Model on Horse in the Dunes

  • Krysta on the Harley

  • Jasmine at the Fort

  • Yasmine and the Tiger Moth

  • Maxcine at the Derelict House

  • Model and Horse in the Countryside

  • Course Wrap Up

  • Bonus Lesson

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Warren Marshall
Warren MarshallProfessional Photographer
My name is Warren Marshall. I am the owner of “Imagine Photo Studios” in Newcastle Australia. I have been a passionate photographer for the last 40 years. I have been a full time professional photographer for 26 years. I have also taught thousands of amateur and professional photographers, face to face, over the past 10 years with my “Newcastle Photography College”. I have lectured at many seminars, judged exhibitions and photography competitions and have numerous awards for my photography. I have built my own cameras and created a portrait lighting system that allows variable softness and spread within the one device. I am passionate about photography. I love people and I love my job. I have photographed thousands of people over the past 40 years and I hope to shoot thousands more. I am a boundary pusher. I am constantly trying new techniques to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. Standing still is not what I want to do. I am a mature man but that doesn’t have to stifle my creativity. Come along with me as we explore the possibilities that this amazing media offers.