By Simon Ireson, Pianist, Teacher, Developer

OBS Studio - A Really Really Easy Introduction

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OBS Studio is a fantastic piece of free software, constantly updated and maintained and used by thousands of streamers and creatives worldwide. If you are now considering dipping your toe into the world of streaming or screen-recording for tutorials then this is the course for you. I start from the very beginning by adding an image to a scene. From there I work into more complex topics slowly and carefully, always in a chatty and relaxed way. No high-power, in your face snappy tutorials here. All is calm and very zen. At the end of the course you will have a great grasp of OBS Studio and be able to concentrate on expressing your creativity rather than worrying about the software. This course covers: A basic overview of OBS Studio Adding Image, Video and Camera sources to scenes Working with source filters Creating a set of multiple scenes Scene nesting Audio / Video sync Streaming and recording settings Elgato Stream Deck The only requirement for this course is either a PC or Mac with access to the internet. A webcam (internal is fine) would be ideal, as well as a Facebook account - used when testing live-streaming (don't worry, we don't go 'live' on the course). Come along with me as we work through OBS Studio and demystify this amazing application and release our creativity on the world.

Course overview - 9

  • Overview

  • First Scene

  • Filters

  • Multiple Scenes

  • Groups and Nested Scenes

  • Overlays and Effects

  • Audio

  • Streaming and Recording

  • Plugins and Elgato Stream Deck

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Simon IresonPianist, Teacher, Developer
With over 35 years of playing and teaching behind me, as well as a career in software development, I am now enjoying the restful life in Orkney. With performance Diplomas from the Associated Board and the London College of Music, as well as a Masters Degree in Piano Performance, I continue to work hard at improving my playing. Since moving to Orkney I have begun live-streaming my piano as well as teaching piano and software online. I still have a strong passion for encouraging musical development in others as well as keeping current with the latest technology .