Object-Oriented Programming in Python - Aided with Diagrams

By Kumail Raza, Data Analytics

Language: English

This course is for you

Concept Building of Objects, Classes, Inheritance, Operator Overloading.

Who should take the course?

-Anyone who is a beginner in Python Programming Language.

-Looking to build an understanding of Objects, Classes, and Inheritance, Overloading.

-Looking to work on Python for Data Science

This course includes; -Class, -Objects, -Inheritance (Multi-level and Multi-layers of Inheritance) -Overriding the functionality of Parent Class -Method Resolution Order -Operator Overloading with concepts, diagrams, syntax and examples and Some of the Common Operator Overloading Special Functions in Python # Operator        Expression     Internally # Addition        p1 + p2         p1.__add__(p2) # Subtraction p1 - p2         p1.__sub__(p2) # Multiplication p1 * p2         p1.__mul__(p2) # Power                p1 ** p2         p1.__pow__(p2) # Division        p1 / p2         p1.__truediv__(p2)

Course overview - 6

  • An Overview of Object-Oriented Programming in Python and Topics to be Covered

  • An Understanding of Objects and Classes with details

  • Instantiating the Class as Objects with more Details

  • Inheritance, Parents and Child Class and Use of Super Functions.

  • Levels of Inheritance and Method Resolution Order

  • Operator Overloading

Meet your instructor

Kumail Kumail
Kumail RazaData Analytics
Love to help people out on Data Analysis Expression Power BI and Python Graduate in Business Finance and Computer Science I am a BI Developer | Instructor | Facilitator graduate in Business  Finance and Computer Science. Blogger on Microsoft Power BI Community | Complimentary Editor on Enterprise DNA https://community.powerbi.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/22640 Certified in Statistics, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization. I have been supporting the data-driven decision, consulting, creating, implementing and automating Data Intelligence and Analytics Strategies while identifying KPIs in the process and how it affects the overall business strategy. Hands-on experience (Intermediate to advanced level) in using the following tools: Business Intelligence | Analytics: Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio, Microsoft Power BI, Mode Analytics, Microsoft Excel / Google Spreadsheet, Python (Pandas, Pillow, Openpyxl, matplotlib) Database: SQL Server 2016 (ETL into Power BI), MYSQL, MS SQL Server and Web ETL Documentation: Confluence, Dropbox Paper, Dropbox. Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. Diagram | Wireframe | Mockups: Balsamiq Mockups, Drawdotio, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Excel, and Word Smart Art Graphic. Analyzed CRM Applications: ZOHO CRM, Rethink Residential and Commercial (Built on Salesforce Platform), Podio, Plan plus, ConvergeEnterprise, dotloop, Microsoft Dynamics NAV.