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NLP Master Guide To Achieving Extraordinary Results

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NLP Master Guide To Achieving Extraordinary Results

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Get exactly what you want, eliminate fear and insecurity, and achieve extraordinary results in every area of your life!

When was the last time you felt totally in control of your life? What would it be like if you could possess the power to get exactly what you want with ease so life becomes a joy instead of a struggle? If you have always wanted to know how to eliminate fear and insecurity from your life and radiate confidence, assertiveness, and power then look no further. In this course, you'll discover how to use NLP to fulfill your dreams and meet your every desire with push-button simplicity! NLP can be boiled down to one word: influence. It is the most sophisticated, effective, and easiest to learn model for influencing yourself, your friends, your family, your boss, your spouse – or anyone you communicate with! Let’s start with how you influence yourself. I want you to imagine for a minute, what if you could learn how to program your own mind? What if changing your thoughts, emotions, and behavior was as easy as changing channels on your TV or installing a new program on your computer? What would you change? What if you could program yourself for success in any situation? Let’s get specific! Take a “bad habit” like Procrastination, for example. Did you know that over 80% of people struggle with Procrastination? Well, what if you could take the behavior of Procrastination and reprogram yourself — so that any time when in the past you might have procrastinated you actually FEEL motivated—naturally, and without even thinking about it? NLP will teach you how to do that. What if you could learn how to control your own state of mind so that you could feel exactly how you want to feel, confident, motivated, focused, creative, sexy, whatever feeling you want? And at any time you want? NLP will teach you how to do that. And what if you could do all this in minutes instead of hours – or even YEARS of therapy? Now, what about influencing others… What if you could know how to do all this and even more for your friends, family, loves ones, your clients, or even your boss? What if you could learn how to help other people reprogram their minds? NLP will teach you how to do that and more!

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Course overview - 69

  • Course Introduction

  • How To Benefit Most From Course

  • What Exactly is Neuro-Linguistic-Programming?

  • The Foundational Pillars of NLP

  • The Presuppositions of NLP That Will Change Your Life

  • How The Conscious & Unconscious Mind Works

  • Foundations Of NLP 3 Step Action Plan

  • The Power Of Setting Outcomes

  • Why You Need To Think In Outcomes

  • The Right Way To Structure Outcomes

  • How Beliefs Are Formed & How We Can Change Them

  • Outcomes 4 Step Action Plan

  • How To Get Into "The Learning Zone"

  • How To Solve Any Problem With Neurological Levels

  • The Language of Neurological Levels

  • How To Resolve Conflict With Perceptual Positions

  • How To Improve Relationships With The Meta Mirror

  • Learning Foundations 4 Step Action Plan

  • How To Easily Build Rapport & Trust

  • How To Persuade Others With Pacing & Leading

  • Relationships 4 Step Action Plan

  • How We Make Sense of The World

  • How The 5 Representational Systems Work

  • How To Read People With Accessing Cues

  • How To Create Your Reality With Visualization

  • How To Become A Better Listener

  • How To Get In Touch With Your Feelings

  • How To Develop Your Kinesthetic Awareness

  • How To Translate Representational Systems

  • How To Understand What People Are Really Saying

  • How To Design Your Dream Life With Future Pacing

  • Mental Rehearsal Exercise

  • The Senses 5 Step Action Plan

  • How Emotional States Work

  • How To Control Your State

  • How To Create A New Behavior With Anchors

  • How To Immediately Change State

  • How To Stop Worrying With Meta States

  • How We Structure Our Experience With Submodalities

  • Change Unwanted Behavior With The Swish Technique

  • How To Learn From Past Experiences Exercise

  • How To Organize Your Life With Timelines

  • Getting Inside The Mind 3 Step Action Plan

  • The NLP Strategies

  • How To Effectively Use Strategies

  • How To Generate New Behavior With This Strategy

  • The Power of Communication

  • Why We Delete, Generalize & Distort Information

  • The Power of Questions

  • The Meta Model Overview

  • The Meta Model Patterns

  • How To Effectively Use Metal Model

  • Understanding The Unconscious Mind

  • The Milton Model

  • How To Use The Milton Model

  • Understanding The Filter of Experience

  • The Power of Chunking

  • Negotiation Strategies

  • Parts Integration

  • Congruence and Incongruence

  • How To Influence & Persuade With Framing

  • The 5 Problem Solving Frames

  • Understanding our Behavior, Values and Intentions

  • How To Change The Meaning of Something With Reframing

  • NLP and System Thinking

  • The Principal Elements of NLP

  • How To Apply NLP Patterns

  • NLP Patterns: What To Use & Where

  • How To Live A Fulfilling Live With The NLP Presuppositions

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