By Stephan Wegerer, Multi-Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker, Author

New Work - Executive Leadership Training

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Hier lernen Sie, welche Wettbewerbsvorteile Sie durch "New Work" für Ihr Unternehmen generieren und direkt umsetzen können. Meistern Sie die Bereiche der Führung, der Leistung, der Teams, des Arbeitsumfelds und der Attraktivität, um gestärkt und erfolgreich in die Zukunft zu gehen.

Sie bekommen in 5 ausführlichen Modulen eine sowohl strategisch, als auch praktische Wissensvermittlung, mit zahlreichen Checklisten, Umfragen und Vorlagen. Ausserdem ist sowohl eine individuelle Persönlichkeitsanalyse (iPersonic) und ein persönliches 60 minütiges Onlinecoaching für Sie inkludiert.

Das Training richtet sich an alle Menschen, die wissen wollen, welche großartigen Potentiale das Thema "New Work" bieten kann und wurde vor allem für Gesellschafter, Geschäftsführer und Führungskräfte der mittleren und höheren Managementebene konzipiert.

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Course overview - 37

  • Intro

  • Kurz zu mir

  • Warum "New Work"

  • Übersicht über die Module

  • Modul 1: FÜHRUNG

  • Handlungsfeld 1: "Zielgerichtetes Handeln"

  • Handlungsfeld 2: "Inspiration & Sinn"

  • Handlungsfeld 3: "Eigenständigkeit"

  • Handlungsfeld 4: "Individualität"


  • Checkliste: Führung

  • Modul 2: LEISTUNG

  • Handlungsfeld 1: Unternehmensebene

  • Handlungsfeld 2: Bereichs- & Abteilungsebene

  • Handlungsfeld 3: Individualebene


  • Exkurs: Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

  • Modul 3: TEAMS

  • Handlungsfeld 1: Zielsetzung

  • Handlungsfeld 2: Zusammensetzung

  • Handlungsfeld 3: Leistung

  • Handlungsfeld 4: Verbesserung



  • Handlungsfeld 1: Regeln

  • Handlungsfeld 2: Kultur

  • Handlungsfeld 3: Infrastruktur



  • Handlungsfeld 1: Attraktive Aufgaben

  • Handlungsfeld 2: Gehalt & Leistungen

  • Handlungsfeld 3: Arbeitsstruktur & Arbeitsklima

  • Handlungsfeld 4: Weiterbildung & Perspektive

  • Handlungsfeld 5: Management & Führung



  • Randstad-New-Work-Trend Report

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Stephan WegererMulti-Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker, Author
About: Family businesses form the backbone of our society and must remain so! For 15 years, I have been passionate about initiating innovation in companies. Both as Head of Innovation at Adidas, partner of the Weissman Group and not least as Managing Director myself, I have shaped Digital Change. Today I consider myself fortunate to be working with the owners and management levels of companies such as Fackelmann, Uvex, Adidas, Baufritz or Vestner on digitizing their business models. Bring me to your company as an expert if you want to work on the active transformation of your company into a digital future. Take advantage of my experience from more than 50 digitization projects for family businesses or corporations, as the person in charge on both the customer and consulting side. I will help you to make your company fit for the future. We work out what needs to be done and I accompany you until we have reached the jointly defined goal. No methodical chatter and consultant blah-blah, but real effective results! Do you also want to work actively on the strengthened future viability of your company and profit from my expertise? Author: Companies that do not deal with digitization, its requirements and possibilities will be left behind. Today's hidden champions have not built up their businesses digitally and are in danger of being overtaken by start-ups that are characterized by digital strategies and a completely different way of thinking. With their business models, they are reducing the turnover of today's market leaders and preventing their further growth. This growth gap needs to be closed. Only with a well thought-out strategy can family businesses secure their long-term survival in the digital future. This book helps entrepreneurs to develop such a strategy step by step, to think innovatively and to create disruptive business models. In doing so, I benefit from a close exchange with business owners. Feel free to write me a message on LinkedIn and let us exchange ideas! You also believe that we need to drive digital change in family businesses, then let's exchange!