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Mood Boards For Branding

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Mood Boards For Branding

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Mood boards are a great way to explore your brand or to jump start a creation process for the brands you are working for.

You can include brands color, logo, fonts and images and quickly get the idea for possible combinations and what works best for that brand.

Hey there my name is Alex and in this course you will learn:

What are mood boards

How to create your mood board in Adobe Xd

Then add fonts, colors and images

And finally export and print them so you can show them to your clients or team members.

Using Adobe Xd to create your mood boards is great because it's free, easy to use and it has great features that are going to speed up your process dramatically.

So if you want to improve your productivity, save a lot of time in finding what works best for your branding, then click enroll and i'll see you in the course.

Have a creative day!


Course Overview

  • 1. What Are Mood Boards

  • 2. Getting Started

  • 3. Creating Your Mood Board

  • 4. Adding Images

  • 5. Exporting Your Mood Boards

  • 6. Printing Your Mood Boards

  • 7. Course Resources

  • 8. Conclusion And YouTube Channel