By Josh Dunlap, 3D Artist

Modeling For 3D Printing

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In this class, I will walk you through the process of modeling a character that you can 3D print. We'll be using a simple pencil sketch or any concept art you'd like as our base image to work from. It is good to pick a simple image/concept. We will start off with modeling basic geometric shapes and forms to create our exciting character. I will walk you through the ins and outs of our basic workflow of modeling in Maya. I'm really excited to teach this class and I hope everyone enjoys this process!

Course overview - 12

  • Introduction To Modeling For 3D Printing

  • Introduction To Maya

  • Blocking In The Head And Torso

  • Creating The Arm

  • Creating Details On The Arm

  • Creating The Legs

  • Creating The Foot

  • Creating The Hand

  • Preparing The Model For 3D Print

  • STL Cleanup And Check

  • Final Thoughts

  • Support materials

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Josh Dunlap
Josh Dunlap3D Artist
I am an artist based in Los Angeles, CA. I specialize in 3D Character / Hard Surface Sculpting and Design for the film, gaming, and collectibles industries. I  currently work at Legacy Effects as a 3D Artist and have worked with companies such as Marvel, DC, Toyota, The Mill, Magic Wand Studios, Sideshow, and Mezco Toyz. I approach digital art from a traditional mindset. My background in traditional drawing, painting, and sculpting gives me an invaluable perspective when approaching 3D digital projects and concept art.