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By Will Jeffrey, Agile Leadership Trainer

Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Think Like a Startup & Deliver the Best Products

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Course description

Learn how to successfully satisfy your customers by making the best use of MVPs.

Whether you're creating a mobile app or a cat food delivery business, start with a Minimum Viable Product:  you'll spend more time building the things that matter, and be able to quickly test your assumptions--and the market.

One of the elements that enable agility and secures successful proceeding is Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Eric Ries introduced the concept in The Lean Startup. MVP is something that generates resistance. Have you ever heard clients say things like: "Our execs don’t want the minimum—they want the best quality possible".

Indeed, why wouldn’t you want to do your best? It’s a great question, but one based on a misunderstanding of the M.V.P..


The purpose of this course is to help you build successful products and satisfy your customers.


  • Explanation of the meaning and value of MVP (Why? What? When? Who?)
  • Explanation of how the concept of MVP can be used in a practical manner in your work. Example of building a bus to illustrate the concept.
  • Exploration of different types of MVPs (Promotional MVP, Mining MVP, Landing page MVP, Wizard of oz MVP,  Single-feature MVP): what it is, what you can learn from it, and where it works well, illustrated by successful implementations (Amazon, Twitter, Spotify, Dropbox, Uber, Airbnb, Zappos and Groupon).

Who this course is for

  • Entrepreneurs who have ideas or are already in the middle of a project.
  • Project managers who want to learn more efficient ways of rolling out new products or internal features.
  • Anyone looking for new skills in the realms of entrepreneurship, agile projects, product management, and growth hacking.

Requirements for this course

  • Have Basic information about agile software development processes (Scrum in particular)
  • And desire to learn something new and continuous improvement

Related Skills

Course overview - 9

  • Managing Products with Agility

  • What does M.V.P. stand for?

  • Why M.V.P.?

  • What is M.V.P.? (in-depth)

  • How to implement M.V.P.?

  • Discover M.V.P. patterns from the best startups


  • Top 7 Best Practices For Building Successful MVP

  • Wrapping Up

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Will Jeffrey
Will JeffreyAgile Leadership Trainer
I have been an enterprise agile coach and leadership development facilitator for the past 20 years. I have trained & coached hundreds of professionals, including senior leaders in Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial companies, to accelerate their impact and influence, and grow into their next-level of authentic and inspired leadership.