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Minesweeper: A playful intro to Vue

Language: English
Minesweeper: A playful intro to VueMinesweeper: A playful intro to Vue

This Course is for You

1 hour

of video/audio content

3 minutes

of reading content

Do you want to learn Vue the fun way? In this course, you will learn the key concepts of Vue while building a Minesweeper game.

While building a fully functioning game we dive into the foundations of Vue like:

  • How to break down your application or game into smaller pieces, into components?
  • How to structure your logic and how to connect these components with props and custom events?
  • How to deal with change and make your game data-driven?
  • How to add interaction and game logic?
  • And how to publish the final result to the web so you can share it with your friends

This is an intro course, no prior Vue knowledge is required, but some HTML, CSS and basic Javascript skills are necessary. You should also know how to navigate in your terminal.

Course Overview

  • 1. Creating and running a project

  • 2. Tooling

  • 3. Going through the initial project

  • 4. Breaking down the game into components

  • 5. The tiles

  • 6. The minefield

  • 7. Data

  • 8. Utility functions

  • 9. Resetting the game

  • 10. Surrounding bombs

  • 11. Computed properties

  • 12. Flagging a tile

  • 13. Revealing the tile

  • 14. Did we win already?

  • 15. Every second counts

  • 16. Review & Next steps

  • 17. Bonus: Share your game