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By Peeratchaya Sunthonkamjohnpanit, Manifestation and Mindfulness Master Coach

Mindfulness Power Blueprint - Mindfulness Through Meditation Learn Simple but Powerful Meditation Tips to Align Your Conscious Mind with Your Unconscious Mind to Achieve Mindfulness

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Course description

Are you struggling with your life? Want to get back your self confidence? Are you losing your inner peace? If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, then you are at the right place…!!! This course is RIGHT for you to achieve the mindfulness. In this course, you will discover how to achieve mindfulness with simple but powerful meditation techniques which you can practice in daily life and lead life in a better way. Learn from the Certified Instructor: Peeratchaya Sunthonkamchanphanit! Peeratchaya is a certified coach and expert in training people on Mindfulness, Energy Healing, NLP and Emotional Hypnotizing. This course is designed for anyone. This course is ideal for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Energy Healers, Students, and anyone who is curious about knowing how to achieve mindfulness with meditation and want to get benefited. This course will help you to discover the SEVEN steps simple but powerful formula to align the conscious and unconscious mind to work together. When your brain and unconscious mind are aligned to work together, you will find miracles in yourself. You will become the best version of yourself, manifest your best life with the mindset of abundance, mindfulness, meditation, increase confidence, increase self-esteem, and release negative emotions. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. While mindfulness is something, we all naturally possess, mindfulness is more readily available to us when we practice daily. The goal of mindfulness is to wake up to the inner workings of our mental, emotional, and physical processes. By building mindfulness into your daily life, you can practice mindfulness even when you are too busy to meditate. What is meditation? Meditation is exploring. It is not a fixed destination. Your head does not become vacuumed free of thought, utterly undistracted. It is a special place where each moment is momentous. When we meditate, we venture into the workings of our minds, our sensations, our emotions, and thoughts. Mindfulness meditation asks us to suspend judgment and unleash our natural curiosity about the workings of the mind, approaching our experience with warmth and kindness, to ourselves and others. Mindfulness and meditation will help to free your mind. Mindfulness puts you in touch with your experience. Mindfulness and meditation give new ideas and it involved curiosity, openness, and acceptance. Mindfulness and meditation also improve your ability to focus. How great it would be… · If you can stay happy even when a lot of changes are happening with your life? · If you can face all the problems in life with confidence and with a positive approach? · If you are energized and enthusiastic in every situation and can reach a success every time? · If you reach all your dreams in the present and in the future? All of these can happen when the brain and unconscious mind completely work together. This course will help you understand how the brain and mind work, and how you can alien the brain and mind together. When the brain and unconscious mind completely work together, you can automatically apply the power from your unconscious mind. How can the power of unconscious mind affect your life? · You will see possibilities by being able to automatically look pass problems · You will be able to be aware of your emotions and how to manage the emotions well · You will have the potential to think faster, do faster, manage things faster and at the same time · You will access to good luck as good coincidences will happen more often in your life because the filter in your brain begins to look for ways to receive good luck · You will have the mind that is prepared for all circumstances because your unconscious mind will create immense energy to prepare you to be able to cope with any kind of change In this course, you will learn to adjust and tune in your brain and unconscious mind to work together. These 11 lessons consist of 24 video clips, they have been well constructed and you can keep re-watching them as much as time as you want. How to get most from this class? · Finish watching each video in serial order. Do not worry about the parts that you don’t understand because you will be able to understand all parts gradually with time. · Once you have finished listening to the whole course in the 1st time, you will start to understand things and situations that happen in your life. Your energy will start to adjust and improved at least 30% · If you want to keep improving your energy, you can watch lessen 6 through 11 again. And practice what you learn from lesson 11 every night before bed for better results. · Around 1 week after you can repeat the videos from lesson 6 through 11 one more time, for better energy adjustment. This class was designed and aimed for learning to adjust the brain and unconscious mind to work together to apply energy and power from your unconscious mind. So, in this class, it is important to listen intentionally without worrying if you can understand everything for the first time. Eventually, you will gradually understand everything in a deeper level as you keep learning. This is the only fundamental class to adjust your unconscious mind and energy for you to be able to use the energy. This course provides you are the simple meditation techniques for you to use in your daily life. After taking this course, you will realize the positive change in your life! You will know how meditation can help to achieve mindfulness in life. You will experience the inner peaceful. You will be more self confidence in your life! So, what are you thinking? Go ahead and click on “Enroll Now” button.

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Course overview - 24

  • Introduction

  • What will you learn from this class?

  • Chapter 1 :How important is our conscious and unconscious mind need Alignment?

  • Chapter 2 : what are the bad results if concsious and unconcsious unaligned

  • Chapter 3 : The causes that prevent conscious mind and unconscious unaligned.

  • Chapte 4 : 7 steps to help make conscious and unconscious to work together.

  • Chapter 5: Step 1 - Understand "Mindfulness" and "Mental state" (Mindfulness)

  • Chapter 5: Step 1 - Understand "Mindfulness" and "Mental state" ( Mental state)

  • Chapter 6 : Step 2 -Understanding how the brain works with 3 theories (Introduction)

  • Chapter 6.1 : Conscious and Unconscious

  • Chapter 6.2 : Belief System

  • Chapter 6.3 : Humen filter (NLP Communication model -Basic)

  • Chapter 7 : Step 3 - Explaining how situations happen in your life

  • Chapter 8 : Step 4 - Understanding about "The Truth"

  • Chapter 9: Step 5 - Practise to make concsious and unconcsious alignment.

  • Chapter 9.1 : Practise 1 - Accept myself.

  • Chapter 9.2 : Accept Other.

  • Chapter 9.3 : Accept "The Truth"

  • Chapter 10 : Step 6 - Release negative energy that pull you down.

  • Chapter 11 : Step 7 - Menifestation Techniques to use in daily life.

  • Chapter 11.1 - Chronic Pains

  • Chapter 11.2 : Deal with the stress and the problems.

  • Chapter 11.3 : Create the new life.

  • Chapter 11.4 : Build a good relationship.

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Peeratchaya Sunthonkamjohnpanit
Peeratchaya SunthonkamjohnpanitManifestation and Mindfulness Master Coach
• Certificates: - 9 certificates on Energy Healing from abroad - Certificate on NLP and NLP Master - Certificate on Coaching and Master Coaching - Certificate on Emotional Hypnotizing • Work experiences 2018 - E-Commerce Director at Amarin Group Public Co., Ltd: one of the biggest publishing companies in Thailand. 2014 - Became successful in online business. 2010 - A Managing Director at Social Media Agency: one of the most well-known companies in Thailand on social tool business   2006 - Manager at a Telecom Company 1998 – Worked for Mweb Thailand and Mweb South Africa. • Committee and co-founder of association • Being 1 of the 9 co-founders of Web Master Association Thailand • A committee for Thai Animation and Computer Graphics Association (TACGA) • Lecturer for middle and high leveled executives • CEM – Customer Experience Management • Social Media Marketing for Management • Mobile business • Online Marketing Strategy • Books 2000 Best-seller book writer and a columnist for several publishers in Thailand • Traveling experiences I have traveled to over 18 countries around the world. Traveling has taught me about adversity in the world. Traveling has taught me that there are a lot more that I haven’t known and will never know, if we are only attached to what we learned or heard for the 1st time and assume that those are all about life.