By Daria Micasa, Yoga Meditation coach

MEDITATION is a great tool for YOUR MIND !

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What you will learn

  • It is divided on 3 blocks: 
  • - In First blocks we will talk about the basics. I will explain to you how to meditate and how to start if you are a beginner. 
  • I prepared sciencific researches about our mind and how practices influence our brain. And will give you a good motivation to begin to change your life. 
  • Already after first class you can start to meditate even if you have never done it before. 2 practices awaits you after 1st class. - The second block is about breathing and emotions. 
  • I prepared for you breathing techniques and researches how breath can influence our body, health and emotions. After theoretical class you will get 2 guided breathworks. - The last part will teach you to visualize and manifest. 
  • Manifesting is another level of meditation and i will explain to you how to do it. And here we can see almost unlimited abilities. As this method can rebuild your personality. 
  • 2 guided meditations awaits you after this class. You can do this practices with your own goals 
  • - Here some examples: 
  • -Do you want to improve your life conditions? 
  • -You willing to get rid of bad habits or emotions? 
  • -You want to Improve your mental or physical health? 
  • -Or may be you want to become rich? YOUR GOALS CAN BE LIMITED ONLY BY YOUR IMAGINATION! You can be any person as you wish! 
  • And the main thing I want to tell you it's not the magic - you will work on your personality with your counsiuness and subconscious . 
  • This course can help you to change your vision of your life, your habits and way how you react on the things around you.

Course description

Hello Welcome to my meditation course. My name is Dee and on this course we will work. With your mind, emotions with your personality!

Have you ever felt down, had panic attacks or constantly struggling from a bad mood?

There is an answer to all your problems! And here is the secret that all the really happy and successful people in the world know.                                                                                                                                                                                                  The secret is- to learn to MEDITATE!

Meditation is a strongest toolbox for your mind.

This is obvious that if  you don't do exercises your muscles will become weak. So the same this with your brain, but here is more important. If you don't have wish to work or do exercises you can feel bad.

But where is the reason for apathy, depression, stress? Who controls your body and your life?

Yes - your brain!

Here you will get an acces to this magical toolbox name MEDITATION!

In my course i will teach you how to take YOUR MIND under control and it will help you to change your life.

Here you have  4 theoretical classes with guidance and 6 guided meditations!

Wich everyone can find useful rather you beginner or experienced practitioner.

Don't try to believe in it just run the experiment called " Will see how I can change my life "

Stay with me! Learn with me!

I wish you all the best! NAMASTE!


  • main requirement is be open. That will help you to transform your personality!

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Daria Micasa
Daria MicasaYoga Meditation coach
Hi, my name is Daria. I am a professional Meditation and Yoga instructor. I did RYT 200 hours in power Ashtanga yoga and was teched as Yoga Nidra instuctor. For the last 5 years I have been practicing regularly and growing with each lesson. I always study new directions in Yoga in order to grow up as a teacher and expand as a specialist in my field.  - Visiting reatreats and Vipassanas - Learning from another specialists - Reading a lot of books and reseachers about self-development And all this knowledge will help me to change YOUR LIFE.