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By Ivan Yosifov, Art Director & Co - Founder @ Seven Bulls Games

Maya & Unity 3D - Modeling Lowpoly Tree for Mobile Games

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Course description

Learn how to make low poly Tree in Maya and import it into Unity for Mobile Games. What you will learn in this course? • How to model efficiently lowpoly Tree for Mobile Games. • How to unwrap the model and get it ready for texturing. • How to create simple but appealing texture with Substance Painter • How to Import the lowpoly Tree inside Unity and set it up to be game ready! Who is this class for? • People that want to learn how to create complete and game ready lowpoly 3D Asset. • People who want to improve their skills in Maya and Unity. • People who are interested in Game Development for Mobile Devices. I promise that this course will be better and more effective than reading books. I show how to master technology through the use of video. Software that we are going to use •  Autodesk Maya •  Substance Painter •  Unity 3D

Course overview - 10

  • Modeling The Base

  • Modeling The Branches

  • Finishing The Branches

  • Creating The Leaf Cubes

  • Placing The Leaf Cubes

  • Modifying The Trunk Shape

  • Create Small Grass

  • UV Mapping The Tree

  • Texturing The Tree In Substance Painter

  • Import The Tree In Unity

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Ivan Yosifov
Ivan YosifovArt Director & Co - Founder @ Seven Bulls Games
I have released over 150 Mobile Games with more than 25,000,000 downloads in iOS and Google Play. I run a company called Seven Bulls Games, so I am actively in the field building games. I personally love learning online and my life is much better because I have learned online rather than in a classroom.