By Jitendra Kumar Singh, Penetration Tester

Mastering NMAP

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Mastering NMAP

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Nmap is the most powerful information-gathering tool. It has many advanced features. This is a very popular tool among hackers, network admins, and pentester. If you want to be a successful network admin then you have to expertise the Nmap because it helps network admins to do pentest the network and patch some of the vulnerability and if you don’t know how to use Nmap then your network may be in jeopardize. In this course, I will cover most of the Nmap (all those things which you are gonna need). By taking this course you will be able to use Nmap very efficiently. So instead of reading this enroll and dive in the world of Nmap.

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Course overview - 23

  • Introduction

  • What is Port Scanning

  • What is Nmap

  • A Simple Port Scan In Nmap

  • Specifying Hosts In Nmap

  • Using More options in specifying Hosts

  • Host Discovery

  • Host Discovery: Types of Scan (Theory + Demo)

  • Basics of TCP

  • Basics in UDP

  • SYN Stealth Scan (-sS)

  • TCP connect Scan (-sT)

  • UDP Scans (-sU)

  • All other Scans

  • Wrapping Up Scanning Techniques

  • Specifiying Ports

  • Version Detection Using nmap

  • OS Detection in nmap

  • nmap scripting engine (Theory)

  • nmap script engine demo

  • wrapping up NSE

  • Firewall and IDS evasion

  • Final Words

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Jitendra Kumar  Singh
Jitendra Kumar SinghPenetration Tester
Jitendra Kumar Singh is a senior InfoSec Instructor, bug bounty hunter, hacker, and security researcher. He has more than 5 years of experience in security auditing of Android applications and websites, and testing. Throughout his career, he has reported nasty bugs to big companies, including Facebook, Google, Medium and others. Jitendra Kumar Singh holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, both in computer applications, including WebApp pentesting, mobile app pentesting, PHP, ASM. Jitendra Kumar Singh has a passion for coding in PHP. He has also created some amazing projects who made this work easier. I reported about 150+ bugs to different website like Google , Facebook, Medium, etc. Hall of Fames Listed In Google Hall of Fame Listed In Facebook Hall of Fame Listed in Mapbox Hall of Fame Listed in Mediafire Hall of Fame Listed in Quiver Hall of Fame Listed in AppAnnie Hall of Fame Listed in Veris Hall of Fame Listed in Imgur Hall of Fame Listed in Medium Hall of Fame Listed in Ok(.)ru hall of fame Listed in Dropbox Hall of Fame Listed in Informatica Hall of Fame Listed in ItBit hall of fame Listed in Shopify Hall of Fame Listed in Udemy Hall of Fame Listed in Whisper(.)sh hall of Fame