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The Masterclass in Mixing course is your answer to getting the mix that you deserve.  In over 3 1/2 hours of premium training, you'll learn precisely how to break apart a mix and build it up from scratch.

Using standard tools like EQ, Gates and Compression along with more advanced techniques like Transient Design and Parallel Crush Busses, you'll see 2 complete songs mixed right before your eyes.

"Forever Begins Today" is a Pop song with real drums, funky guitars and massive layers of vocals. Then "Next to You" is a 6/8 ballad with electronic drums, piano, acoustic and distorted guitars and a "quartet" style backing vocal arrangement.

Not only is this perfect for recording musicians, it's also great practice for live sound engineers to use some industry-standard techniques along with newer "secrets" that give you a perfect mix. And because all source audio and MIDI files are included on the DVDs and the online access can drop them into your favorite DAW or hardware recorder and quickly try your own mixes.

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