By Mark Paulda, Photography Mentor

Master Photo Composition

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The more you capture images, the better photographer you become! Master Photo Composition in this interactive course with plenty of assignments and direct access to a professional photographer. Whether it is your first time out with new camera or not, every level can benefit from learning essential elements of photo composition so that they capture beautiful and compelling photographs on their own terms. In Master Photo Composition from professional travel photographer Mark Paulda, learn what each element means, why the elements are important, when to use them, how to. Plus more!

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Course overview - 45

  • What To Expect

  • Class Introduction

  • What Is Photo Composition?

  • Let's Not Complicate Matters

  • Clutter

  • Simplify

  • Clutter Examples

  • Clutter Assignment

  • Shadows

  • Silhouettes

  • Textures

  • Patterns

  • Fill Your Frame

  • Fill Your Frame Examples

  • Fill Your Frame Assignment

  • Horizontal vs Vertical

  • Horizontal vs Vertical Examples

  • Horizontal vs Vertical Assignment

  • Avoid The Middle

  • Avoid The Middle Examples

  • Avoid The Middle Assignment

  • Move Around

  • Leading Lines

  • Leading Lines Examples

  • Leading Lines Assignment

  • Dutch Tilt

  • Dutch Tilt Examples

  • Dutch Tilt Assignment

  • Space to Move

  • Space to Move Examples

  • Space To Move Assignment

  • Backgrounds

  • Backgrounds Examples

  • Backgrounds Assignment

  • Color

  • Color Examples

  • Color Assignment

  • Breaking the Rules

  • Elements of Photo Composition Review

  • Final Photo Composition Assignment

  • Feedback and Questions

  • Quiz

  • Answers

  • My Best Advice

  • Style and Farewell

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Mark Paulda
Mark PauldaPhotography Mentor
If you are seeking a creative marketing mind, an unconventional thinker who understands the rules of the game have changed, and someone who is passionate about helping other creative people succeed - we will probably get along.  I'm Mark Paulda; professional travel photographer; curious minded Gentleman Wayfarer; travel blogger; best selling author; photography mentor and teacher of creative people.  My images are seen in magazines across the world (and various websites) and my photography books are the fastest selling books for my publisher. I was a Grammy Award Finalist for my work on "Recollections" by Asia Featuring John Payne for Best Album Cover Design. I know about the photography business because I live it - I still do.  I think big and helping others to succeed is my aim with the photography courses and mentor programs offered on this website.  I want you to succeed.