Marco Barucco's Pencil Drawing Basics

By Marco Barucco, Draftsman and MD

Language: English

This course is for you

With this course you will learn THE REAL BASICS of drawing. I’ve put in here what you really need to know to start your path to the wonderful land of ART. No fluff, no useless fillers. You are going to GET the real KNOWLEDGE that can make you start putting your MAGIC on paper. You are going to learn techniques to draw what you see in front of your eyes with precision, and you will also make exercises that will IMPROVE YOUR NATURAL ISTINCT. These two abilities will blend together, because, to be a real artist, you need both: instinct and technique. And through this course you will get both! You will learn the techniques, you will enhance your natural skill and you will DRAW WITH ME your first finished drawing, as I explain how it's done step-by-step to you. You see... I'm really proud of this course, because I know I created it to be the most effective. And I can really imagine you feeling the same satisfaction as you watch to your pieces of art. Here you are going to learn very powerful skills as assessing Proportions, Inclinations, Alignment and the INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE technique of Triangulation... and you will also practice exercise as blind contour, cross contour and energy drawing that will enhance your free and natural drawing ability. Come with me, as I show you the beginning of the path that brings you to nurture and express your creativity.

Course overview - 38

  • Introduction

  • The first skill to master

  • Learning to see proportions

  • Catching the energy

  • Assessing alignments

  • Proportions and alignment exercise Part 1

  • Proportions and alignment exercise Part 2

  • Training your instinct: The Blind Contour

  • Inclinations

  • Triangulation Part 1

  • Triangulation Part 2

  • Cross Contour

  • How light works Part1

  • How light works Part 2

  • Cross hatching

  • Blending Part 1

  • Blending Part 2

  • First easy drawing Part 1

  • First easy drawing Part 2

  • First easy drawing Part 3

  • A small talk about meaning

  • Your first complete drawing: Drawing the energy

  • The first outline

  • Precision Part 1a

  • Precision Part 1b

  • Precision Part 1c

  • Precision Part 2a

  • Precision Part 2b

  • Precision Part 2c

  • Shadow Pattern

  • Apelle's Line

  • Middle tones Part 1

  • Middle tones Part 2

  • Middle tones Part 3

  • Finishing your drawing Part 1

  • Finishing your drawing Part 2

  • Finishing your drawing Part 3

  • Congratulations!

Meet your instructor

Marco Marco
Marco BaruccoDraftsman and MD