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Managing And Working In Virtual And Hybrid Teams

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Course description

Are you struggling to engage your virtual team or clients? This course is designed for anyone who needs to communicate virtually to influence – from virtual team leaders and remote team members to small business owners and entrepreneurs. When you can no longer meet colleagues, connections and customers face to face, a new suite of skills is required.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for anyone who needs to communicate virtually to influence – from virtual team leaders and remote team members to small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is aimed at both managers and team members who are trying to adjust to a new world of work. It's designed to reassure them, allay their fears and provide them with confidence in both a virtual and hybrid workplace.


Most organisations will face the challenges of virtual working. This course will provide the tools and belief to thrive under all circumstances. Communication is key to all types of teams, and being able to communicate confidently and effectively through a screen is an essential skill that this course will provide. The course will provide a mixture of theoretical and practical skills to deliver confidence when managing or being part of a virtual team.

You will learn how to:

* Gain an understanding of the dynamics of virtual and hybrid teams * Understand efficient use of virtual technology * Learn remote presenting techniques * Understand how to maintain motivation and drive in virtual teams * Learn how to monitor and manage issues of health, efficiency and morale.

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Course overview - 41

  • Intro

  • Understanding Where You're At

  • How To Set Up And Structure A Virtual Team

  • What Are The Key Skills Required

  • How Can Reporting Structures Work?

  • What Are The Differences From Having A Team On-site?

  • What Management Style Works Best?

  • What Are The Minimum Software Functions For Virtual Working?

  • How To Evaluate Different Systems

  • Technical Requirements

  • Use Of Green Screens

  • Back-Channels

  • The Importance Of Local And Cloud Backups

  • How To Present Through A Camera For Maximum Effect

  • Pace, Tone & Vocabulary

  • Camera, Lighting & Microphone Positioning

  • Use Of Visuals

  • The Importance Of 'Chunking' Content

  • Use Of Interactivity

  • Regular Check-ins

  • Looking For Signs Of De-motivation & How To Address Them

  • Focusing On Output, Not Time Put In

  • The Importance Of Recognition

  • Social Time & Connection For The Team

  • What To Measure, How To Measure It

  • Public & Private Feedback

  • Reviews & Appraisals At A Distance

  • Fitting The Measurement To The Individual

  • How To Build A Hybrid Team

  • Creating Trust & Harmony

  • Reporting & Communication

  • Hybrid Meetings & Presentations

  • The Importance Of Occasional Physical Meetings For All

  • Environmental Factors

  • Physical Factors

  • Mental Health Issues Related To Solo Working

  • Warning Signs

  • Catching Problems Early

  • Is Remote Working For Everyone?

  • How To Create A Motivated, Efficient & Happy Team

  • Summary & Conclusion

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