Lose Weight and get into shape intuitively

By Katrina Zawawi, Autism/Asperger's & Yoga/Meditation coach.

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Lose Weight and get into shape intuitively

This course is for you

This weight/fat loss course works because many diets and strict exercise regimes don't.

It works on the principle that:

*Everyone is determined to begin with, but then the rebellious human nature kicks in during a diet/weight loss programme, even if you are succeeding on it.

*I have been on so many diet/exercise regimes and I always manage to gain the weight/fat again.

Strictness =  rebelliousness, after a while.  Does this sound familiar to you?

*Worrying about dieting and weight loss itself brings all kinds of stress.

Stress hormones can make you fat and retain the weight you have.

*Many exercise regimes don't take into account how the body may feel fatigued.

Even if your body doesn't feel fatigued, emotionally, you may do - and this can have an impact on weight loss progress.

*Following programmes can be tedious and take so much time out of our days, that we dedicate all of our energies to it.

*Being on a diet can make us really moody and not fun to be around.

*A drastic change, like a dietary programme and exercise regime can take an emotional toll on the body.

Does this all resonate with your experiences of trying to lose weight?

*Your'e probably wondering, what makes this programme so different.  Well, it's easy really!.

Therefore, I have created a course where:

1. You will spend the first week getting to know yourself

2. You will be diarising emotions, good, bad and the ugly.  This will give you perspective and it will help you understand where the weight/fat is coming from.

3. You will be practicing meditations to get clarity and become more in-tuned with your inner being (sub-conscious mind)

4. In the 2nd week, you will examine your own eating habits and lifestyle.  What do you do too much of, or not enough of?

5. How stressed are you feeling?  What are the triggers?

6. We will look at healthy alternatives to add, and slowly reduce as well as remove inflammatory foods.

7.  By week 3, you will slowly add exercise. This will mostly consist of yoga.

8.  You will relearn how to be happy, content with yourself and watch yourself transform into a new person who does not need to follow diets, does not need to follow exercise regimes and understands that we all fluctuate with our weight within healthy boundaries.

*Most importantly, you will learn to let go of the negativity you put on yourself.

This course is based on self-love, acceptance, gratitude and the ability to be honest with yourself.

Course overview - 48

  • Welcome to the course

  • How the course works

  • It's all about your emotions

  • Let's talk about what we eat?

  • Can you let go of attachments to food?

  • How do you feel about Whole foods?

  • Let's really get honest here

  • If you wish to detoxify your body before going any further, pause here. If not, move on to the next lesson

  • Meditation

  • Part 2: Your Diet

  • Day 1: Water Intake

  • Day 2: Greens

  • Day 3&4:

  • Reduce Dairy

  • Day 5: Time for a little self-love

  • Day 6: Healthy alternatives to your favourite snacks

  • Day 7: Do what works for you, and let go of what doesn't

  • Day 8: Consider your carbs

  • Day 9: Breakfast Possibilities

  • Day 10: Lunch Possibilities

  • Day 11: Dinner Possibilities

  • Dressings and Sauces

  • Food for your Gut

  • Snacking

  • Day 13: Create your own plan to suit your lifestyle

  • Day 14: Have a break

  • Part 3: Lessons on Meditation

  • A little about Meditation

  • Day 16: What is the Ego?

  • Day 17: What relevance has Meditation to Weight Loss?

  • Day 18: So, how do I begin my meditation practice?

  • Day 18: Meditation Tips

  • Day 19: Start Meditating Properly

  • Part 4: Holistic Exercise

  • Day 20: Now it's time to gradually incorporate exercise into your lifestyle

  • Day 20: Kundalini Yoga

  • Day 22: Vinyasa Flows

  • Day 23: Find that Warrior within

  • Day 24: Let's include some High Intensity Interval training

  • Day 25: Moving Energy within (Qi Gong or Chi Kung)

  • Day 26: Yin Healing Yoga

  • Day 27: Go out and enjoy the outdoors

  • Day 28: Plan your weekly exercise routine as a beginner

  • Day 28: Your exercise plan if you exercise 3-4 times a week.

  • Getting into Healthy Habits

  • Day 29: Keeping up with healthy habits

  • Day 30: Journal your experience of this course

  • Congratulations!! You've made it

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