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Logic X 10.5 New Features

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In this course we explore the exciting new features in the Logic Pro X 10.5 update. Apple have added so many new features to version 10.5 they could easily have called it Logic Pro X 11. There are whole new workflows and brand new instruments and even seasoned Logic users will find plenty to explore. In this comprehensive course we take an in depth look at all the new headline features.

The new Live Loops grid brings non-linear clip triggering to Logic in the style of Ableton Live's Sessions view. Sampling has also had a major overhaul, replacing the dated EXS24 instrument with not one but three new sampling instruments: Sampler, Quick Sampler and Auto Sampler. The Drum Machine designer plugin has also been re designed and the new Drum Synth instrument is easy to use and very flexible, making Logic Pro X much more powerful for beat making. The Logic Remote iPad/iPhone app has also been updated to control many of the new features, making it a viable remote controller for studio or stage. Topics covered in this course include: · The Live Loops Grid · The Step Sequencer · The Sampler, Quick Sampler and Auto Sampler instruments · The Drum Machine Designer Update · The new Drum Synth Instrument · The New Remix FX · The New Logic Remote App fro iPhone and iPad This course is for Logic Pro X users who want to get up to speed with the new features. A basic understanding of main Logic features is required. What you’ll learn: In this course we look at the new features in the Logic Pro X 10.5 update. We explore:

* The Live loops Grid * The Step Sequencer *  The new Sampler Instruments *  Drum Machine Designer and more... Are there any course requirements or prerequisites? A basic understanding of Logic Pro X Who this course is for? Logic Pro X users who want to get up to speed with the new features in the 10.5 update. Users of other DAW's that are interested in the new features and may be thinking of switching to Logic Pro X.

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  • Live Loops

  • Step Sequencer

  • Sampling

  • Drum Machine Designer

  • Drum Synth

  • Remix FX

  • Logic Remote App

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