Listening Masterclass: The Power of Listening |

Listening Masterclass: The Power of Listening

By Davida Shensky, Career and Personal Development Strategy Coach

Language: English

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Did you know that there is a difference between hearing and listening? There is! Have you ever been told that you just don't listen? Most people have at some point in their life, so you probably have experienced it as well. But the problem is that good listening skills are not something we are born with. Nor are we taught it in school. They are habits that we create, starting in our childhood, that are carried with us throughout our adulthood. Your listening skill habits can impact every area of your life, including your personal relationships and your career. Being a good listener can earn you respect, appreciation and help you build stronger relationships in your social and business dealings. This course explains the ins and outs of what good listening skills consist of, why they are important and how you can improve them. The course helps you determine what type of listener you are, provides basic skills of listening, barriers to listening, listening habits, body language, and activities to improve listening habits. You will learn the importance of physical attributes, active listening, attitude, perception, bias, language barriers, key gestures, and even how to take good notes. If you have a child or work around children, this course also explains how you can use this information with helping to teach good listening habits to children. By the time you complete this course, whether taking it for personal or professional reasons, you will be know the direction you need to follow to improve your listening habits.

Course overview - 36

  • What are Good Listening Skills?

  • Pay Attention--Show that You're Listening

  • Show That You're Listening

  • Provide Feedback

  • Defer Judgment

  • Respond Appropriately

  • Difference Between Active and Passive Listening

  • What is Active Listening

  • What is Passive Listening?

  • How Non-verbal Cues Are a Part of Listening

  • Verbal Ques for Active Listening

  • Difference Between Active And Passive Listening

  • Difference Between Listening and Hearing

  • Reasons We Hear What We Want To Hear

  • Difference Between Listening and Hearing

  • We Only Hear What We Want to Hear

  • Are You Really Listening, or Just Waiting to Talk?

  • How to Really Listen to Someone

  • Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills

  • Demonstrate Your Listening Skills By Paraphrasing

  • Make Consistent Eye Contact

  • Ask Open Ended Questions

  • Show You’re A Good Listener By Nodding

  • Listen To Understand

  • Types of Listening

  • Appreciative Listening

  • Empathic Listening

  • Comprehensive Listening

  • Discerning Listening

  • Evaluative Listening

  • Benefits of Good Listening Skills

  • You Become a Better Student

  • You Become a Better Friend

  • People Will Perceive You as Intelligent and Perceptive

  • Help Your Public Speaking

  • Benefits of Listening

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