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Leveraging SUMMITS 103 - Promotion

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Leveraging SUMMITS 103 - Promotion

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Leveraging SUMMITS 103 - Promotion

By the end of this course you will know what size summit you are aiming for in terms of attendees and you’ll know what sort of event you need to meet that challenge, in terms of speakers, sponsors, partners and content topics.


You’ll also know what sort of promotional campaign you will need to do, and what that campaign will need to consist of. Plus you’ll know the next steps you need to take in your marketing, to make that a reality.

It doesn’t matter if your event is freemium or premium, the same rules of marketing will apply.


Most importantly you will know the exact marketing actions to take next, to make your summit “fly”.


The great news is that there are unique marketing techniques that we can use to promote a summit, which aren’t available to most other forms of digital marketing.

So a successful Summit depends on getting enough attendees to the event. Also they need to be the right kind of people. The people you decided you wanted in our other courses; Summits 101 and Summits 102.

It may well be that we don’t need a huge number of attendees. It might be that the attendees we need are prestigious enough, that even 10 of the right attendees may meet our criteria.


But if you do want to put on a big event, you need to decide what you are aiming for. A mammoth even in the tens of thousands? If so it’s going to have to be a wide appeal event content and speakers.

An average sweet spot is probably around the 1000 to 2500 mark. But as I said, you might only want the right 10 to 250 attendees. It really depends on what sort of style and class of summit you are aiming for.

But for the sake of this course, I’m going to concentrate on the 2.500 mark for attendees. But the same marketing principles apply whether you need more attendees, or less attendees. It will just be down to how much energy you will to put in the campaign.


Inside this course you will learn the major marketing leverage techniques that you will be able to use, to market your summit, while are different to most other digital marketing opportunities.


Let’s dive straight in...

Course overview - 7

  • Your First AHA moment in Summit Marketing

  • 02 Gaining leverage when promoting your summit

  • 03 What audience size do you need for your summit?

  • 04 Required marketing assets for summits

  • 05 The Marketing Grid Strategy

  • 06 Leveraging the effort behind your summit

  • 07 Your Summit Marketing Downloads

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