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By Geoff Sinker, Guitar Teacher

Learn to play guitar In the style of Joe Bonamassa

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Learn to play guitar in the style of one of the most  influential rock blues guitarists of all time. Joe Bonamassa's brilliant playing  has influenced countless guitarists all over the world. He is truly one of the greats, and we can all be inspired and empowered through his  playing.

In these lessons you will learn all kinds of techniques, devices,  scales, and approaches to soloing in the style of Joe Bonamassa. His style of  play focuses on passion and energy blending the Blues with classic rock.

Other key elements in his style include trademark pentatonic picking patterns, long  sustained bends with vibrato,  repeated rhythmic  motiffs, and melodically simple but rhythmically complex phrases. And we  go over it all in these in depth lessons. Bonamassa’s unique style blends  blues, rock, jazz fusion, music together.

Now you can learn to play all kinds of techniques, riffs, scales,  and approaches to soloing in the style of Joe Bonamassa.

This course is taught by Skype Guitar Lessons Online instructor Geoff Sinker and  contains in-depth video lessons. These total over 1.5 hours of  pure step-by-step, move-by-move instruction you can pause and easily  follow along with our on-screen tablature. You also get 5 great jam  tracks in the style of Joe Bonamassa. These are the  exact same tracks that we utilize throughout the video lessons.

We break all the licks, riffs, and techniques down into digestible  pieces and demonstrate them at slow and regular speeds. Then we  demonstrate and teach you how to practice and apply them over the  included jam track. And all the lessons feature on-screen tablature and  close-ups of the fret and pick hands with multiple camera angles to make  it easy to follow along.

Throughout these lessons you will learn:

-Great selection of licks in the Bonamassa style.

-How to approach each link and utilizee in your own playing.

-How to a selection of riffs played by Joe Bonamassa.

-Bonamassa’s trademark licks,  pentatonic picking patterns,  repeated rhythmic motifs, and melodically simple but  rhythmically complex phrases.

-All about scale CHOICES and soloing OPTIONS, so you can easily see what’s behind what your playing.

-Learn everything in its proper musical context by APPLYING it in a  musical context by jamming over custom made backing track that coincides  with the lesson.

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  • The History Behind Joe Bonamassa

  • Scales Used By Joe Bonamassa

  • Classic Joe Bonamassa Guitar Riffs

  • Licks In The Style Of Joe Bonamassa

  • How To Use The Licks You've Learned

  • Backing Tracks

  • Guitars and Gear

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Meet your instructor

Geoff Sinker
Geoff SinkerGuitar Teacher
Geoff Sinker has a Licentiate Degree In Teaching from Trinity College Of London, and teaches numerous students around the world online. Geoff started playing the guitar at 13, and by the age of 16 he was performing in bands in his local area of Bolton and Manchester. Always hungry to learn and expand his musical knowledge he studied under some of the foremost teachers at the time. He spent the 80s honing not only his performance and technical skills but also his teaching abilities. As well as performing in various rock bands he started teaching in various schools and academies including Kent County Schools where he was employed as their first contemporary music instructor for the guitar. In the late 80s he relocated to London, working in recording studios recording and doing session work during the daytime and playing live in the numerous bars and clubs in the evenings. He also set up his own private teaching company. As his experience working in studios grew he began to record music for advertising and marketing companies, and small radio stations. As well as his teaching role he worked as a session musician recording music for record companies including Virgin Records and Acid Jazz. In the 90s he made the bold step of moving to Florida. Where he focused on teaching, working privately and also in schools in the Orlando region. During that time, he was lucky to meet some great musicians that encouraged him to continue his own personal studies and grow his musical knowledge. As one who loves to travel and see new places he decided that his next stop would be Panama. A great place to learn Jazz and amazing Latin Rhythm. He really enjoyed his time down there and worked some wonderful bars and clubs. It felt like everyone wanted to learn to play the guitar, young and old. Next stop was Dubai. Here he focused 100% on teaching. It was actually in Dubai that he started offering Skype Guitar lessons to students based in the Middle East, now he spends more time in front of a computer than he does in the classroom. His love for teaching and exploring new technology means he can bring new and interesting ideas to his lessons.