Learn to Draw Animals with Pastel Pencils

By Colin Bradley, Artist

Language: English

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Have you ever wished you could draw? Would you love to be able to draw AMAZING pictures you never thought possible? This Drawing Animals for Beginners Bundle includes 5 courses that you will learn to draw using Pastel Pencils and is designed for all levels. Pick up and Learn In my 30+ Years of Experience I have found that Pastel Pencils is the by far the easiest art medium to pick up and learn. In this course you will learn how to draw 5 stunning animal pictures: Barn Owl Laying Dog Siamese Kitten Grey Wolf Mother and Baby Penguin When you have finished this course not only will you walk away with 3 AMAZING pictures but you will also be able to apply what you have learnt to draw your own pictures. Materials For all pictures I use Sand Coloured Fabriano Ingres Paper, this is a great neutral tone and works so well for all kinds of subjects. It is ideal for someone fairly new to pastel pencil work as you can erase so easily on the paper. I also use Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils and refer to these throughout the course. You can of course use any materials that you wish to use. I would recommend this course for beginner level artists. Perhaps you have tried my free courses and want to venture into the next level up or are completely new to the medium. I provide you with an outline drawing for each subject so that you do not have to draw free hand. Trace this through to your paper or print it straight out using your printer. I walk you through step by step with Video instruction how to draw each stage. You'll learn techniques behind drawing farm animals and create pictures you can be proud of. I have broken the course down into bitesize chunks that you can follow and return to with ease. If you love drawing and want to discover easy techniques to create stunning art that you can transfer to your own pictures then this course is for you.

Course overview - 6

  • Barn Owl

  • Laying Puppy

  • Siamese Kitten

  • Grey Wolf

  • Mother & Baby Penguin

  • Summary

Meet your instructor

Colin Bradley is a self taught professional artist that has been teaching for the last 40 years. With Colin you can learn how to draw and paint using pastel pencils, watercolour, coloured pencils and more.