By Damien Barban, Illustrator and storyboard artist

Learn to Draw Anatomy

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Have you ever tried to draw human anatomy? This course is going to show you very simple techniques and tips to do so. The anatomy is the basics of the drawing of human character. No matter if you work for video games, for yourself or for any kind of art, you will need to know these fundamentals. Learn how to improve your skill in drawing anatomy. Several exercices will be presented to you, from the more simple things to draw, to more complexe anatomy drawings.

Course overview - 28

  • Exercice with ovals

  • Basics of proportions

  • Proportions of the profile

  • Basics axes of muscles

  • Drawing muscles, part 2

  • Muscles drawing, part 3

  • Muscles of the back

  • Lopsided pose

  • How to draw an arm

  • How to draw arms

  • Drawing the chest of a woman

  • Drawing the back of a woman

  • Drawing legs

  • Drawing woman in movement

  • Drawing torso of a man

  • How to draw feet

  • Drawing with a low angle shot

  • Characters in movement

  • Drawing high angle shot

  • Drawing a man couching

  • Drawing a man jumping a wall

  • Drawing a man flying

  • Drawing a man running

  • Man and woman's arms

  • How to draw an eye

  • Drawing mouth

  • Drawing a man with arms up

  • Drawing emotions

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Damien BarbanIllustrator and storyboard artist
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