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By Greg Vanderford, Business Consultant

Learn the Secrets of Probate Real Estate Investing

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Learn the Secrets of Probate Real Estate Investing

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Recent Testimonials:
"Great course! Instructor breaks the Probate process down step by step in an easy to follow format. No fluff, instructional and offers the fundamentals. Enough information to take massive action!" - Ronnie Hok
"I thought it was great! I had great sound quality on my home speakers and very understandable on instruction. I'm putting my plan into action next Monday!" - Angela Y McLoud
"Great info! Great course! I can't wait to get the courthouse!" - Andre Vitalis
"Very good, basic information for beginners. The course is very thorough on the topic. I liked that marketing letters were included and motivation was given to use them consistently. The pep talk was appreciated!" - TR
         In this course you will learn:   
How locate motivated Probate Sellers
How to market to these motivated sellers
How to talk to these motivated sellers
How to close a deal and get the property under contract
How to quickly and easily analyze these deals
How to find financing for these properties regardless of credit 
How get your money out of the deal with minimum risk and maximum profit
     We lay out for the exact process that we use at Sell House or Home to to flip several houses every year including actual videos of me going into two different courthouses and looking up seller info in probate case files.  
   If you're tired of paying thousands of dollars for real estate investment courses from seminar gurus, this course is for you. We have invested that money for you over the years while receiving our real estate education.  
   Learn in a few hours what took us years to learn, at minimal cost and no risk. We wish you the best of luck in your real estate journey!  

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Course overview - 22

  • Intro to Probate REI

  • Getting Mailing List From Courthouse

  • Getting Leads from the courthouse Part-2

  • Getting Leads from the Courthouse Part-3

  • Making and Sending Your Mailings Part-1

  • Making and Sending Your Mailings Part-2

  • Making and Sending Your Mailings Part-3

  • Talking to Probate Sellers Part-1

  • Talking to Sellers Part-2

  • Talking to Sellers Part-3

  • Talking to Sellers Part-4

  • Analyzing Probate Deals Part-1

  • Analyzing Deals Part-2

  • How to Finance Probate Deals Part-1

  • How to Finance Probate Deals Part-2

  • Marketing to Wholesale Buyers Part-1

  • Marketing to Wholesale Buyers Part-2

  • Rehabbing and Listing the Property Part-1

  • Rehabbing and Listing the Property Part-2

  • Course Summary Part-1

  • Course Summary Part-2

  • Probate Real Estate Bonus

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Greg Vanderford
Greg VanderfordBusiness Consultant
Hello. My name is Greg Vanderford and I'm a passionate business consultant and teacher. I have spent my entire career learning about, teaching, and practicing business management, sales, public speaking, training, and strategic planning and analysis. My mission is to have a huge impact on my clients by helping them achieve both their short and long term goals in business and life. Whether my client is an individual or large organization, I am passionately committed to their achievement because I believe that our happiness in life, in large part, is derived by what we either individually or collectively achieve through our work, and that building and strengthening positive relationships with all stakeholders throughout the process is one of the keys to success. I hope that you and your organization will choose to benefit from my passion, skill, and experience. Thank you.