Learn the fundamentals of Drawing

By Maria Avramova, Award-winning Director, Designer and Animator

Language: English

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You´ve always wanted to draw. You may be one of those people who have already drawn a lot, you doodle all the time, you picture your friends and family framed in a nice portrait, but you don´t know how to make your drawings look better. Or you find it difficult to understand all those art books, even if they advise there looks easy at the first glance, you don´t know how to apply them. Well, there is a secret to that. There are some simple rules and principles that when you know them you will be able to use them and create an illusion of real life that will improve the quality of your artistic skills immensely. Because that is what we are creating- an optical illusion of real life. So in this course I´m going to guide you, step by step and teach you those very simple techniques and rules. You won´t need to follow complex charts and mathematical formulas for that. It can be done in a very simple way. As soon as you understand it, you will not need to think about it anymore, it will become built into your system as a guideline when you draw. You don´t need to buy expensive, long-term courses. You can do this at your own pace without spending a fortune. So I will take just 3 shapes: A cube A cylinder A sphere and show how you can easily learn the rules of perspective and shading with those shapes and apply them to anything else you draw. And yes, you can even draw a face using just those 3 shapes. What I´m also going to talk about here is your artistic manner. Because, even if we draw the exact same thing, each one of us will draw it differently. It is like the handwriting. And that is what is also our artistic signature. So, in this course, I will help you to realize your artistic signature instead of being afraid of it. Yes, we all want to draw like someone else, but what if we can draw like ourselves and be original and experiment and explore our artistic uniqueness. Rule + creative freedom (or knowing how to break the rules) = An Artist Enjoy!

Course overview - 7

  • Introduction

  • Perspective

  • Shading

  • Measuring

  • Still life drawing

  • Drawing a Portrait

  • Drawing a Tree

Meet your instructor

Maria Maria
Maria AvramovaAward-winning Director, Designer and Animator
I am a character design, film director, animator and illustrator. I have worked in the animation industry for over 15 years, bringing characters to life. I have worked with clients such as McDonalds and Ericsson to create a top notch 3D animated characters for the their commercials. I´ve had the privilage to direct actors such as Sir Roger Moore and Peter Stormare among all, as voice actors for animated movies. I´ve worked with renown illustrators and screenwriters such as Iain McCaig, the legendary designer from Star Wars, to breath life to stories and characters. The TV-show I´ve recently wrote and directed, called Space Yoghurt, is having a worldwide success and has been featured twice in the Animation Magazine. I started my life as an artist at the age of 13 when I attended art school. The first year we had to draw 50 drawings a day, after school. It seemed a lot, but now I know it was what it took to be able to draw well. I know what it takes to became an artist, but also I know the struggle of the process. I´m here to share with you the knowledge that I´ve been gathering through my experience on how to draw. I´m also here to inspire you and let you know that each one of the artists you admire today has one been a beginner. Having said that, I´m going to share with you some shortcuts to how you can start drawing and get a result immidiately, because, sure you need to put in the work, but inspiration is what will keep you going. You will see that you too have it in you, but you are not aware of it yet. Welcome to my world.