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By Craige Hardel, Mindset & Success Coach

Learn the cutting edge skills and frameworks to stay ahead of any competition and achieve massive success.

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Do you feel cheated, used, burnt out, or just flat out ripped off by the education system? You've been told to go to school, get good grades and you'll find a job that will put you on a fast track to the career and life of your dreams.

Yet you're still saddled with mounting debt, rejected application letters, and more stress.   Or do you have big dreams to build a business that adds massive value to the world, but college just isn't your thing? You and your family either can't afford it, don't have the patience to wait 3-5 years to start making real money, or don't care for it at all? Also, you may be settled in your position but keep hearing your degree isn't enough to guarantee your job security with all the automation but you ask, what do I do then? If any of these describe you, then our 10x Education course is for you. The 10x Education course aims to provide the practical skills, tools, and frameworks to design and attain the high-value education of your dreams. Without feeling limited by who you know or where you live (your one fair shot at success) Without wasting time studying unessential and outdated material you may never use Without the unreasonable sky-high costs and using 2020 resources and technology already at your fingertips

This is also meant to help professionals create a new revenue stream and help them amplify their current skills. In addition, our program seeks to help people in minorities, who didn't have rich families or don't currently have many skills but need income to learn what it takes to thrive and actually compete. The 10x Education course will undoubtedly expand what you're capable of, show that you're not a failure, and show you exactly how to make learning work for you.

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Course overview - 12

  • Why Getting an Education is Important

  • Key Learning Myths You Must Drop From today

  • Why Your "Learning Style" is Overrated and How to Find Out What Works Best for You

  • Outcome-based Learning

  • Finding Your Next Best 10x Learning Opportunity

  • How to Pick the Right Books to Learn Anything Faster

  • How to Get 10x the Value from Every Book You Read

  • Common Reading Questions (Answered)

  • How to Create Your Personalized Learning Plan

  • Learning Action Plan to Get Started

  • How to Integrate Learning Into Your Life

  • Value Investing & Seizing Opportunities

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Craige Hardel
Craige HardelMindset & Success Coach
Craige Hardel is a Success Coach , copyrighting specialist, community advocate & technology enthusiast who is passionate about helping people become their best selves and live lives to their full potential