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Learn Python from scratch. Completely hands on coding course. Basics to Advance.

By Aashish Peepra, Full Stack Web developer & Software developer

Language: English

This course is for you

This is a full hands-on coding course. Learn from scratch. How to combine code to make magic happen.

This course will teach you from the very basics. Where to code, how to code, and what to code. You will learn how to use python in any field.

Almost 100% of my students accepted that their learning goals were met.

✅ For coder & non - coders

✅ Learn from the very beginning. Each core feature

✅ Learn quickly and apply the knowledge anywhere

✅ Enroll to complete your dream project, job or study

Quick course view

  • Strings, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, and all data types
  • Conditional Statements and shortcuts
  • Loops and Iterators
  • Functions, Comprehensions, and Generators
  • Python built-in modules
  • CRUD File handling
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Banking Project
A lot of successful programmers have strong basics. If you want to be one of them, this course is for you.

Course overview - 90

  • Setting up Python & VS code

  • Printing in Python

  • Formatting outputs

  • Variables in Python

  • More about numbers

  • Understanding Floats

  • Booleans in Python

  • Common Errors and Comments

  • Type Casting and Data Types

  • Strings Introduction

  • Strings Indexing

  • String slicing

  • String Slicing Advance

  • String Methods 1

  • String Methods 2

  • String Practise - Name Extraction

  • String Practise - Email Extraction

  • Handling User Inputs

  • If Else Statements

  • "And" and "Or" operators

  • Check Palindrome String

  • If Else Nested Conditions

  • Checking Advance conditions

  • Writing Conditions in an Efficient Way

  • Creating an Email Validator

  • Enhancing the Email Validator

  • Practise Python String + Conditionals

  • Lists Introduction

  • Indexing in Lists

  • List Slicing

  • Well, Lists are mutable

  • List Methods - Append & Pop

  • List Methods - Insert & Remove

  • Copying a list is never easy

  • Shallow Copy Vs Deep copy

  • Join & Split Functions

  • List Practise

  • List Functions - Sort Vs Sorted


  • While Loops in Python

  • Understanding Range Function

  • "For" Loops in Python

  • Sequences and For loop

  • Loops Practise

  • Sequences and For loop Advance

  • List Comprehensions - Lists + Loops

  • Writing into a file

  • Reading data from file

  • Reading Data from file Advance

  • Reading Data from file Advance II

  • Resolving File Handling bugs

  • File Data Preprocessing

  • Appending Data into file

  • Pythonic way of File Handling

  • Checking If file exists with OS Module

  • Dictionary Introduction

  • Adding data in a dictionary

  • Adding Data in dictionary II

  • Dictionary Methods

  • Dictionary Practise - User Authentication

  • Dictionary UseCase - Menu Driven Programs

  • Dictionary UseCase - Frequency

  • Dictionary Comprehension - Dict + Loops

  • Functions Introduction

  • Parameter passing in Functions

  • Returning Data from functions

  • Returning Data from Fucntions II

  • Returning Data from Functions III

  • Optional Arguments in Functions

  • *Args and **Kwargs

  • Functions as first class citizens

  • Nested Functions

  • Namespaces

  • O! Python closures

  • Python Generators

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Starting to write code

  • Accessing Data members

  • Accessing Data members II

  • Adding member functions in class

  • Understanding Objects

  • Banking Project with OOPs

  • __int__ into the Project

  • Adding "Add" and "Deduct" Functions

  • Adding "History" Feature

  • Finalizing the Project

  • Math and Random Module

  • Lottery Implmentation

  • Tuples in Python

  • Unpacking Data

Meet your instructor

Aashish Aashish
Aashish PeepraFull Stack Web developer & Software developer