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By SIMONE SIESTO, Stock and Forex Trader, Financial Analyst

Learn how to trade financial markets with indicators and techniques unique in the world of trading.

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Course description

For the first time, I will show my trading techniques, and how to identify cycles and trends and understand how to make the most of it in order to profit. See the intro video below. Thank you Guys

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Course overview - 9

  • Building the Bands and understanding Volumes

  • How to build Cycles and how to analyze them correctly

  • How to detect a trend reversal using the Starc Bands

  • How to detect cycles without using the Cycle indicator

  • Three different stocks - where we are in the cycles? which one would you trade?

  • How to use CCI, StRSI and W%R to correctly detect cycles

  • Trading Tips and Cycles - Are moving average still working?

  • Trend, Starc Bands and Envilopes

  • Fibonacci levels, Stop loss, take profits and Final reminders

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Meet your instructor

SIMONE SIESTOStock and Forex Trader, Financial Analyst
Trading markets since 2007 with a profit since then. In 2016, I wrote the best seller: "Forex the Holy Grail", which was included by the Quora.com site in the list of the best 5 forex books that have ever been written on this topic. I am one of the most popular traders on the tradingview community. My results are public. For the first time in my life and with this course, I will show the original system which I have developed and refined over the years. Over the world, only 5 % of traders are successful, and that's why I have the presumption that I can teach you how to trade