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By Jef Lippiatt, Product Developer

Learn How to Rapidly Expand and Filter Your Ideas in a Day

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Side step your creative block and generate more ideas than you thought possible. You will have tangible results in twenty minutes by sticking to this process. It doesn't matter if it is just you or if you are working on a team, this process scales to fit your needs. The best part? You can practice this approach just about anywhere. Stop waiting, it's time to unleash your potential.

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Course overview - 7

  • Get Familiar with the Process

  • Quick Prep

  • Session 1: Start Your Timer

  • Session 1: Sorting

  • Session 2: Generate More Ideas

  • Session 2: Sorting &Voting

  • Wrap Up

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Jef Lippiatt
Jef LippiattProduct Developer
I’m a holistic product developer and business strategist and I’m also an entrepreneur. I’ve started several small businesses, closed one and preparing to launch another. I’m also a published children’s author and a blogger. Everything I teach is about practical application. I believe in goal based outcomes not motivational fluff. I’m confident that my methods and repeatable processes will bring new energy and momentum to your business and ideas. You’ll quickly have tangible results if you follow my methods and put forth effort. Innovation is simple with guidance but that doesn’t mean easy.